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I'm sorry for hurting you, like the way I do. I'm sorry for the hurtful things I always say to you. We know the fight will never last but still the amount they do. I'd like to  ...


Our collection of I'm sorry poems will help you find the words to apologize. ... It is very easy in the heat of battle to hurt your partner in a very sensitive place.


Poems about Forgiveness, Please Forgive Me Poems. To forgive a ... Forgiveness Poems about Love. Forgiveness ... I'm sorry for hurting you, like the way I do


An apology poem to the one I love. ... Even though at times I do things that hurt. I try so hard to hope that ... I am sorry yet again for causing you pain. That is the ...


I Am Sorry Poems for Girlfriend: Saying sorry for your mistakes doesn't ... I am sorry. 2) I hurt you. But it wasn't intentional. I lied to you. But it was accidental.


I am Sorry Poems for Boyfriend: Apologizing to your guy isn't as hard as it seems. ... Sorry. 6) Sorry for the hurt. That I have given you. My apologies are now.


Jul 26, 2006 ... My Love, I Am Sorry To Hurt You....... by Ravi Sathasivam. .I am sorry to hurt your feelings my love I should have kept my promises as I have told ...


Saying I'm Sorry with a poem recognizes that there is something wrong in the relationship, and ... Forgiveness is more than saying the words, "I forgive you".


This is just a metaphor that I use for hurting someone's feelings in this poem. I decided to ... I'm really sorry for my recent actions, ... I'm so sorry, if you only knew.


I'm sorry for all the hurt I've caused you and I regret the things I've done. I've lost the 1 girl .... by: Anonymous I got a text from my bf "I'm sorry for hurting you", I wasn't sure it is an apology or saying sorry –not saying sorry. ..... I love this poem.