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I wrote this poem just now about my mom. And how she ... When my parents got a divorce my mom went back to her old boyfriend. ... That you hate being around


This poem is to give every hurting little girl confirmation that no matter what ... I chose to relinquish all contact with my mother after she continuously used me, ...


Father was never around left me and one of my brothers when we were babies. From moving place to place motel to motel I grew so much hate towards my mom  ...


I Hate You Mother - by Stephanie Fleharty.it seems hes more important br but he doesnt ... I also hate my mother after a lifetime of her disdain and hatred for me.


Feb 19, 2009 ... Mom. I. Hate. You. by Desiree Whitamore. .i know now that i hate you ... and this mom-daughter relationship ... both of my parents are failures


Feb 6, 2008 ... I now know that someone does love me, and his name is GOD, he's loved me all along and I let the hate from my mother blind me of that.


Mother Hate Poetry Competition. Host your ... And this my ears do hear. .... Mother? My mother. Thats just a name. Just something to call her.


Mar 25, 2008 ... Lauren Booth reveals why she HATES her mother and never wants to see her again ... Remember the poem about the days of the week? I do.


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