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Scary Reality Of What Happens If You Go Weeks Without Sleep ...


Jun 21, 2013 ... I decided I was going to drink myself to sleep. It worked, I slept for about a day and a half. The next night I slept normally. I haven't had another ...

So I haven't slept in about 3 weeks. Insomnia? - Groupthink - Kinja


Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration. But I have not had a solid night of sleep in about three weeks except for the night when I got super drunk last weekend.

Dr. Phil.com - Advice - Get Better Sleep!


For example, if you lose your job and can't sleep for two weeks, that's normal, ... But if you haven't slept well for four months, you need to do something about it.

5 Effective Sleep Tips You Haven't Tried Yet - Wise Bread


Aug 9, 2011 ... I checked my sleep journal and realized that this was the week I switched from listening to classical music before bedtime to listening to NPR ...

Haven't slept in a week - what helps your insomnia? : Bipolar ...


Yes, as the title says I haven't slept in a week pretty much. I feel really good though, not very tired. I'm feeling more and more euphoric as the ...

I haven't slept in weeks. : nosleep - Reddit


Nov 14, 2014 ... I'm hoping that someone here will be able to help me with my insomnia. I haven't slept in weeks. It's even hard to type this right now, my hands.

I Haven't slept in 4 WEEKS! - YouTube


May 6, 2011 ... I haven't slept in 12 days and I'm not bull shitting, my body gets rest but I can't get to that ..... I haven't slept since 3 weeks and I still ain't tired lol.

I haven't slept in 7 months - Sleep Disorders Message Board ...


Oct 15, 2011 ... You read right. Seven months of being awake. No sleep. My doctors can't figure it out. I am going to a sleep lab next week, but if I can't sleep, ...

Experience: A 37-year case of insomnia | Life and style | The Guardian


Oct 24, 2008 ... I haven't slept for 37 years ... I take sleeping tablets only once a week because they are addictive - three times the recommended dose (with my ...

Can't cope, haven't slept in 3 days I need help :( - MDJunction


Can't cope, haven't slept in 3 days I need help :(: I can't cope anymore, it's getting ... This week has been very difficult for me, I just want it all to end to be honest.

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Q: I haven't slept in a week?
A: It's been ove 9 months since I've gotten more than 5 hours of sleep. Neighbors who wake me every morning. Read More »
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Q: Is it bad that I haven't slept in a week
A: Yes, it is bad if you haven't slept in a week. You should see a doc... ...MORE... Read More »
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Q: I Haven't slept in 2 weeks?
A: I would see a doctor, honestly. It's not good for you to miss so much sleep. He'll prescribe you something. I'd be weary about Ambien though, due to the sleepwa... Read More »
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Q: I haven't slept in a week and a half and I'm not even tired, what...
A: Don't say sleeping pills. They don't work. Don't say relax, I try. Please tell me something otherwise. Update : Okay, so I'm not tired, I have had no hallucinat... Read More »
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Q: I haven't slept for little under a week, This has happened before...
A: You have two problems like I read from your words. One is the you not going to sleep or finding it hard too and the other is your anxiety. Both are knotted toge... Read More »
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