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I'm Pregnant! Now What? | Fit Pregnancy and Baby


Figuring out what steps to take next can be overwhelming. To the rescue: Our simple checklist breaks out your most important to-dos.

14 Things to Do When You Find Out You Are Pregnant


Apr 28, 2014 ... I am on my second pregnancy, and during the first, I was just so full of ... Why I don't tell people I'm pregnant until the second trimester. ... With my first pregnancy , I took a “one month” picture as soon as we found out we were having a baby. .... those questions down and bring them to your next appointment.

You're pregnant - now what? - Netmums


Everything you need to know about what to do next. ... I'm pregnant - what now? ... Finding out you're pregnant tends to send even the most level-headed woman into ... won't even check your urine and will just take your word that you're pregnant. ... We've all done it: found out we're pregnant and promptly starte...

I'm Pregnant: What Do I Do Now? - New Kids Center


Congratulations! You have just found out that you are pregnant! This is a very special time, but it can also be filled with questions and leave you feeling a little ...

You're pregnant: Now what? | womenshealth.gov


Sep 27, 2010 ... So — you're pregnant! What's next? What should you eat? What kinds of tests will you and your baby need? What happens if problems come ...

Finding out you're pregnant - Pregnancy and baby guide - NHS ...


How you might feel when you find out you're pregnant, plus links to taking a pregnancy test and early signs and symptoms.

Q&A: I Think I'm Pregnant...Now What? - The Bump


You've just found out and now you need to know what to do when you're pregnant. TheBump.com put together a pregnancy to-do list for when you first find out ...

Things to do when you find out you're pregnant - Kidspot


On finding out you're pregnant there are a few key things you need to do. ... “ Children of heavy smokers were found to suffer from impaired growth and ... Next, baby wipes (unperfumed are kinder to baby's skin), a nappy bucket (to store whiffy ... Phew – and that's just what you'll need to take your baby home from hospi...

Your Guide to Pregnancy | Prepare for Pregnancy | Conception


Jul 1, 2008 ... The following guide offers helpful advice and suggestions about what you need to do next. If you have just found out that you are pregnant, then ...

Just found out I'm pregnant what next? - NCT | HealthUnlocked


Sep 27, 2013 ... Hi this is my first pregnancy found out yesterday after 2 positive tests. I'm just wondering what do I do next I'm not registered with a gp so can I ...

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I'm pregnant: What do I do now? | BabyCenter


Don't bother with a pencil and paper – just use our handy due date calculator. Not only will ... Find out what's in store throughout pregnancy. .... Where to go next.

Tommy's - 5 things to do when you find out you're pregnant


There are five very important things to do when you find out you are pregnant that will make sure your baby ... Just found out you're pregnant? ... I'm pregnant.

What Should I Do When I Find Out I'm Pregnant? - Am I pregnant ...


If a home test kit tells you you're pregnant, what should you do next? ... Don't worry too much right now about birth choices and so on, instead just concentrate on ...