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Title as Saint, Bishop, Philosopher, Theologian, Doctor of the Church .... The need to gain their acceptance forced inexperienced boys like Augustine to seek or make up stories about sexual experien...

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Chronology of the Life of Saint Augustine, Bishop of Hippo (A.D. 354-430) ... failing to give Augustine the guidance and sense of self-discipline he needed during ...

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Augustine then notes, "I had no wish to read further and no need. .... Aurelius Augustine (354–430), bishop of Hippo Regius (now Bona) in Africa, is by common ...

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Fun Facts Extended Bio Comments ... St. Augustine of Hippo is the patron of brewers because of his conversion from a former ... It was just what Augustine needed, for in it, St. Paul says to put away all impurity and to live in imitation of Jesus. ... He was baptized, became a priest, a bishop, a famous Catholic writer, Founder of ...

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Bishop of Hippo and "Doctor of the Church" ... Every preacher needs fresh ... Blessed Augustine, or St. Augustine the Blessed, was Bishop of Hippo Regius. ... Apologetics, Biography, Christian saints, Criticism (interpretation), Early works. 10.

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SAINT AUGUSTINE OF HIPPO BISHOP, DOCTOR OF THE .... Augustine enjoyed the bishop's sermons and little by little the arguments persuaded him. ... I had not the excuse I claimed earlier to have, when I delayed serving Thee because I ...

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Greatest of the Latin fathers, bishop of Hippo Regius in the Roman North African ... Theology, History Ancient, Biography; Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo ... Summary Article: Augustine of Hippo (354-430). from Evangelical Dictionary of Theology .... As fallen humans we still have free agency—but we freely choose sin and ...

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... simply referred to as St. Augustine or Augustine Bishop of Hippo (the ancient name of the ... He is said to have encouraged its citizens to resist the attacks, primarily on the .... ISBN 052165985X; Peter Brown, Augustine of Hippo: A Biography.

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St. Augustine is a fourth century philosopher whose groundbreaking ... He seems to have had no systematic instruction in the Christian faith at this period, ..... The more widely known Augustine became, the more Valerius, the bishop of Hippo, ...

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Jun 15, 2013 ... In the year 391 Valerian, Bishop of Hippo, ordained Saint Augustine a priest, and in 395, appointed him vicar bishop of the see of Hippo.

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Augustine (Aurelius Augustinus) was one of the greatest theologians of ... By the time he realized that he really needed to know Greek, it was too late; and .... 387, where he was ordained a priest in 391 and consecrated bishop of Hippo in 396.

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Biography, with extensive hyperlinks to related articles. ... St. Augustine of Hippo ... The great St. Augustine's life is unfolded to us in documents of unrivaled richness, and ... It seems strange that so great a mind should have been victimized by Oriental ... Having visited Bishop Ambrose, the fascination of that saint's ki...

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Personal Background Saint Augustine of Hippo was born on November 13, ... In 384, Augustine moved to Milan, where he heard the preaching of Bishop Ambrose. ... insisted that anyone wanting to rejoin the church would have to rebaptized.

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Augustine of Hippo was born in Thagaste, (the modern day city of Souk ... city of Annaba in Algeria), where he had been named Bishop thirty-five years ... In particular, a reading on the life of St. Anthony of the Desert yielded Augustine of Hippo's ... and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven, and come and ...

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Jul 13, 2015 ... Saint Augustine, also called Saint Augustine of Hippo, original Latin ... If none of his written works had survived, he would still have been a ...