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Home remedies for getting rid of fleas include sprinkling table salt or diatomaceous earth into your carpet and vacuuming it up after a period of time. It takes vigilance to rid a ...

Flea Bites and Stings
Fleas are blood-sucking insects that feed on humans, dog, cats, and other animals. Fleas prefer to live on dogs and cats, but may also be found on humans... More »
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Apr 10, 2014 ... Do this: You need to do vacuuming and then spraying with the flea spray. .... Next : Naturally Prevent and Get Rid of Fleas on Dogs & Cats ...

6 Ways to Naturally Prevent and Get Rid of Fleas on Dogs


6 Ways to Naturally Prevent and Get Rid of Fleas on Dogs. I share my life with many four-legged friends, owning 2 dogs and fostering at least 2 others at any ...

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This link is to tips on getting rid of fleas, naturally. DO your own research! DIY! A friend & I researched essential Oils together. Turns out, 'snake oils' are a better ...

Best Home Remedies For Fleas: Which Natural Flea Treatment For ...


How To Kill Fleas Naturally. #1. Boric Acid + Vacuum. Boric Acid is a natural insecticide. Sprinkle Boric Acid on all surfaces that your dog has been on — inside ...

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I need an immediate home remedy for home and dog flea infestation! Its too late at ... I need to know home remedies to kill fleas in house and on my pets. By Dan.

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A lot of people are reluctant to use chemical flea treatments because of the possibility of .... Annicillin that is the naturally occuring volitile oil in garlic has antiviral, ...



-COOKING OIL -- HOME REMEDY TO KILL FLEAS IN THE BATH: A drop of .... this kills the fleas and can often eliminate the need for a commercial flea product.

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How to Get Rid of Fleas Naturally. If you've noticed that you are getting more and more fleas around the house, but don't want chemicals on your pet or in your ...

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Q: I need a home remedy for fleas on young puppies?
A: I advocate the use of natural methods to control fleas out of concern for the health and wellbeing of our pets as well as ours. See below for recommendations. S... Read More »
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Q: I Need A Home Remedy For Fleas For Mom & Pups?
A: Wash mother in dish washing detergent and keep the bed clean. Use throw away or washable linen. Do not treat the yard or give the mother any thing this could ma... Read More »
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Q: I Need Home Remedies For Dog Fleas Or Shampoos I Can Buy?
A: You can get Adams flea and tick shampoo from your pet store. Not a home remedy but very effective all the same. You also need to treat the environment or your d... Read More »
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Q: I need a home remedy that works to get rid of fleas in a home
A: Any pet can get fleas. Here are some cat care tips! Try this. Overmedication (dosing in less than 30 day increments at a time) can be fatal for pets-especially ... Read More »
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Q: How to Repel Fleas With a Home Remedy.
A: Fleas are small brown insects that feed on blood from pets and people. Once fleas find a suitable food source, it is difficult to control them. There are natura... Read More »
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