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Personal Qualities List | Love and Compatibility Resources


What follows is probably the most famous list of personality traits in Psychology. ... some of your personal qualities that you may not have thought of otherwise. ... Dependable; Open-Minded; Thoughtful; Wise; Considerate; Good-Natured ...

100+ Character Qualities - Character That Counts


The highlighted qualities that are in this list are just some of the featured qualities in ... ATTENTIVENESS: Showing the worth of a person or task by giving my ... BENEVOLENCE: Giving to others' basic needs without expectations of personal reward. ... decisions on the basis of what is right, not on what's popular or tempting.

638 Primary Personality Traits - Ideonomy


Positive Traits (234 = 37%) ... Personable; Persuasive; Planful; Playful; Polished; Popular; Practical; Precise; Principled; Profound ... Neutral Traits (292 = 18%).

Qualities of a Good Person - God


Qualities Of A Good Person – Show Kindness To All People The Bible instructs us to give to those in need – that is one of the qualities of a good person.

Personal Qualities & Characteristics Checklist


Personal Qualities & Characteristics Checklist. Able to work alone. Active. Adaptable. Adaptive. Adept. Adventurous. Aggressive. Ambitious. Analytical. Articulate.

List of Character Traits – What Is Character?


There could be many lists of character traits or character qualities. ... Benevolence – Giving to others basic needs without having as my motive personal reward. .... How do you categorize someone as a person with good or bad character ?

13 Human Qualities You Must Have to Succeed in Work and Life ...


Sep 2, 2014 ... You need to be open to many different types of people from many different ..... Effective leaders model good human qualities for the people who ...

Adjectives Describing People and Personal Qualities Vocabulary ...


As a bonus, site members have access to a banner-ad-free version of the site, with ... Adjectives Describing People and Personal Qualities Vocabulary Word List ... agile agreeable alert amazing ambitious amiable amusing analytical angelic

Top 10 Qualities That Make A Great Leader - Forbes


Dec 19, 2012 ... Top 10 Qualities That Make A Great Leader ..... as a leader, you must have the ability to customize your approach on a person by person basis, ...

The 10 Best Qualities in Any Person - Netscape Love


Who you are as a person isn't frozen in stone. ... discussions and lessons learned from life, here are the top 10 best qualities for any person. ... Being genuinely grateful for what you have and looking forward to the dawn of each day can make  ...

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30 Qualities of Highly Successful People • Embrace Possibility Blog


It feels good when I recognize qualities of success in myself. For the qualities that I don't have, lists like these tell me what I need to work on. I have enjoyed and ...

15 Simple Traits Of A Truly Good Person - Lifehack


Relationships can put an amazing amount of stress and stain on a person, especially when things are going ... Good people understand that others need praise.

12 Highly Admirable Qualities People Have | Creation Hope


Oct 5, 2014 ... Some people consider their own qualities, and those of other people, ... Honesty is the best policy, and is an admirable quality, necessary for any true ... many other highly admirable qualities that could be mentioned in this list, ...