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Let's say you have a Web page discussing your overt love for collecting foam ... for the ring and those who want to attach simply put a line of code into their page.


You don't have to be a webring expert to help out either, we all have various talents ... Redeem a Bovada Casino bonus code for the maximum welcome bonus ...


(If you do not have a WebRing User ID, you can get one and then proceed with the migration.) If you don't migrate, the ring code on your page will not work any ...


After you are accepted, get the Navigation Bar code You'll need your Yahoo! ID from ... You can find information on other WebRings at the WebRing Home Page.


A webring is a continuous, yet expanding group of linked websites that have ... the topic of the webring and that the site has installed the webring code properly.


We will setup a page with simple instructions to help you through editing or reinstallation of your webring code fragment and retrieving your password if you have ...


TLDR: //third_party : The repository where we check in all non-Google code, ... it applies equally well to third-party binaries and data that need to be checked in.


You must submit the address of the actual page the webring code will go on. This makes surfing much easier for our guests. That's it! I have high hopes for this ...


Apr 14, 2003 ... Many people have been attempting to join the ring without following all of the ... If you already have the WebRing code on your page, then you ...


To submit your site to the Waterfalls Webring, you must first have a WebRing! user ... Then include the HTML code shown below on your waterfalls home page.