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Sexing your new bunny is important, especially if you recently adopted a pair of ... It will also determine at what age you get your rabbit fixed, as males can be ...

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Nov 20, 2013 ... Rabbits can have a litter approximately every 30 days. Now ... when rabbits are very young, it's very hard to tell one sex organ from another. .... i thogth my bunny was a girl but it a BOY. luckily she's the only rabbit I had then.

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It can be very difficult to determine the sex of a young rabbit. Although the explanation and diagram below will help you, it is best to have an experienced person ...

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Determining the sex of very young rabbits is difficult, since they can be hard to hold ... Once you have the bunny in position, place one finger on either side of the ...

Sexing Rabbits


Jun 23, 1999 ... Determining the sex of an older rabbit from a distance is usually easy ... With larger rabbits, you need to cradle them in one of your arms while ...

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It's pretty easy to tell the gender of a rabbit, but is much harder when the rabbit ... I have taken these pictures to represent what a penis will look like and a vulva. ... If you show rabbits a buck with a split penis should not be used for breeding as he ... Genetics Color Calculator · Finding out Gender · Baby Bunn...

Sexing a Rabbit


How Can I Determine My Rabbit's Sex? I hope to add some ... Sit in a comfortable chair and hold the bunny in your lap for a few minutes. When bunny is calm, ...

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Plain and simple; you need to be able to tell male rabbits and female rabbits ... In my opinion every rabbit raiser needs to know how to accurately sex a rabbit.

A Brief Phototgraphic Explanation on How to Sex Young Rabbits


Jan 12, 2012 ... Brief Photographic Essay on Sexing Young Rabbits These rabbits were seven weeks old when the pictures were taken. The tail is toward the ...

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In an adult rabbit, it will be clear to tell what sex rabbit you have. ... Rosemary Rabbit, my Harlequin female, was sold to me as a "dwarf neutered male Rex.

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How to Determine the Sex of a Rabbit: 10 Steps


Jun 18, 2015 ... Knowing your rabbit's sex is important for many reasons. ... If you have a litter of young rabbits, it's important to be aware they can start breeding from .... Is there more than 1 way to determine if your bunny is a male or female?

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Unfortunately, however,pet bunny rabbits do breed rampantly ("they breed like ... Many owners of rabbits find it very difficult to determine the gender or sex of their ... pet owner, need to know about sexing rabbits (rabbit gender determination).

Sexing Rabbits. How to tell male rabbits from female rabbits


Tell the difference between boy and girl bunnies by following step by step photos, ... exactly how to determine the gender of a rabbit, whether a bunny or an adult rabbit. And we have included some great pictures to help you 'see' what to do.