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Rust is an iron oxide, usually red oxide formed by the redox reaction of iron and oxygen in the ... Rusting is the common term for corrosion of iron and its alloys, such as steel. ... Although rusti...

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to know how to measure a reaction rate. to know what affects the reaction rate. ... Rust is a general term for iron oxides formed by the reaction of iron with oxygen. ... Hot-dipped (H.D.) nails have been galvanized by dipping them in molten zinc.

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Rust! Corrosion of Iron. Objective: The objective of this lab is to observe the ... Obtain twelve nails that have been soaked in 3 M HCl to remove any zinc coating  ...

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Mar 16, 2013 ... rust-nails ... metal washers and any other small metal objects to check for rusting - let the ... Place a sample of all the objects in a container of water and check them ... What environmental conditions are needed for iron to rust?

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Iron and steel rust when they come into contact with water and oxygen. Both water and oxygen are needed for rusting to occur. In the experiment below, the nail ...

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This experiment investigates the conditions needed for rusting to occur. ... including wet, dry, air-free and salty to find out what causes iron to rust. ... e Put a nail into tube 4 and add about 2 cm depth of anhydrous calcium chloride granules.

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Rusting is a decomposition reaction where iron reacts with oxygen and water to form ... Iron rust is flaky, porous and friable, providing no protection to subsurface layers against rusting. Rusting ... Ferrous metals are commonly known for being.

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Nails rust in water because water allows the iron to react with any oxygen present , which forms iron oxide, known as rust. ... Salt water greatly accelerates rusting, as does acidic water, such as acid rain. ... Rust causes a huge amount of damage to man-made structures, but scientists have discovered many ways to prevent it.

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Me and my friends are doing a science project about nails rusting in water and water with ... But I really want to know does HCl actually RUST the iron. I'm finding ...

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Of these, the most important by far is electrochemical corrosion of metals, ... ions react with the Fe<sup>2+</sup> to form the mixture of hydrous iron oxides known as rust . .... The blue colors are clearly associated with those parts of the nail that have been  ...