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How much do you hate school? - GoToQuiz.com


Take this quiz and check how much do you hate school :) well I hate school 100 % ... I don't really hate any teacher, but when they give us tests, I wanna... :P.

Top Ten Reasons Kids Hate School - TheTopTens.com


I just think that really it's all unfair because some minds naturally hold more information than others and the purpose of school should just be to give you some ...

What to Do if You Don't Like School - KidsHealth


Everyone has a bad day at school once in a while, but some kids really don't like school. Read this article for ... "I hate school, and I'm not going back!" Have you ...

How Much Do You Hate School? - ProProfs Quiz


Find out how much do you hate school! ... 2. How do you react when school is tomorrow? A. NOOOOOO!!!!! Not school! >:(. B. Oh my gosh ... A. Nursery (Really? ) ...

[Discussion] Do you guys really hate school that much? : teenagers


Jan 5, 2015 ... And I genuinely enjoy learning about science and shit.. so that's cool too. So do you really hate school? What do/don't you like about it?

Does Your Child Really Hate School? | Focus on the Family


Have you ever heard your child say, "I hate school"? If so, you know how deeply it can penetrate your heart. Parents can respond in a variety of ways.

Why Do Teens Hate School? - Connect Learning Today


Apr 11, 2014 ... Teenagers hate school; everyone knows that! ... school's far from perfect, but there's an atmosphere here that encourages progress and really ...

Why do I hate school? - 14 Good Reasons why School Sucks


Nov 12, 2009 ... It's okay to hate school: There is nothing wrong with you. ..... But I really do think it's too bad that societies go like this: do well in school, get a ...

I hate school, it sucks! - there's nothing wrong with you


We'd really appreciate it if you could take this quick survey to help us figure out how to serve the needs of ... For students who hate being forced to go to school:.

How to Survive a High School You Hate (with Pictures)


Knowing why you hate high school is the first step to get through it. ... I guess what makes things like gossip really bad is that I don't have a group of friends I can ...

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help i really hate school? | Yahoo Answers


Oct 24, 2007 ... im 15. i hate school. i have to get up at 8:00. i go to bed at 11:00. im always tired. so far, i havent missed much school. most of the time, i miss ...

I really hate school - ReachOut.com


I just hate school so much, and I constantly get this urge to drop out. ... I'll never need chemistry, after 6th grade there really isn't anything new to ...

Cracked.com 5 things it turns out you were right to hate about school.


Mar 14, 2013 ... Science is just now taking a closer look at these centuries-old school practices, and they're finding out that, hey, they weren't really helpful.