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Page 1 of 11 - WANNA BE SKINNY??? MUST READ ... I know maybe this thing is gonna take 5 minutes of your time but i swear it does worth it.

How to Get Skinny Fast | 10 Secrets to Be Skinny


So you want to get skinny. You want to lose weight. Losing weight is great, but before you embark on getting skinny you first need to picture what you really ...

How I Got Really Skinny In Four Days | Thought Catalog


Jul 31, 2014 ... I had a meltdown on Tuesday because I'm super fat. Okay, I'm .... I want simple things to get skinnier, not things adults do to get skinny. I want ...

Why do girls want to be skinny? - Quora


May 12, 2015 ... Each person (male or female, of any age) internalizes some sort of ideal body type ... and potentially a different body type that they think other people (and particularly the people whom they want to attract) finds attractive.

The Pressure To Be Skinny: Women Do The Most Damage ...


Jan 23, 2013 ... Women want to be skinny. When did ... And, most importantly, if the men in our lives call us "healthy," why do we hear "fat"? ... "I ask people to identify their most prominent and deepest values in a life well spent. Seeing your ...

Why do you Want to be Skinny? - Calorie Count


Mar 2, 2008 ... there are people on this site who want to be thin or super skinny even when ... thinks i'm fine the way i am- its something I want to do for myself.

Why do skinny people want to lose weight? - Quora


What a great question. There are a couple of aeas of concern that I observe as a weight loss ... want to lose weight? I'm a fat girl and I'd be thrilled to be 130 or 140 pounds, but I know girls who are 115 pounds and still want to lose five more.

Weight loss advice from a skinny girl


I am a very skinny girl, but I do gain weight very easil y. I want to dedicate this website to people who are struggling with weight loss and reveal to them how easy ...

9 Women reveal why they actually want to lose weight - SheKnows


Feb 20, 2015 ... The reasons women want to lose weight might surprise you ... "On average, heterosexual women believe that heterosexual men desire ultra-thin women," said Andrea Meltzer, ... Instead of smoking, I do something active and it's really been helping." ... 'Fat girl' apps teach girls to hate their b...

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Q: I wanna be skinny.?
A: Your doctor is right, you're a bit overweight. If you skip meals it won't make you skinnier, it will actually make you fatter. Don't do that. When you skip meal... Read More »
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Q: I wanna be skinny?
A: Tall women can be real nice, loosing weight is as easy as.burn more calories than you take in" it's really that simple and there are lots of ways to do that, ma... Read More »
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Q: I wanna be skinny - help.?
A: Ok well not knowing your age, weight, or height i can just assume you morbidly obese. sorry but in today’s society the odds are not in your favor. First off the... Read More »
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Q: What if I'm more of a tomboy and I wanna buy skinny jeans?
A: You should buy some skinny jeans. They will help you become... Read More »
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Q: I wanna be less skinny?
A: i feel the exact same way as you. some of us are just skinny ya'no? it might be down to a fast metabolism. It sucks right? I wish i had abit more weight on me b... Read More »
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