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Even if you don't want any foam in the drink you want to foam the milk just slightly. ... If you are new and know very little about creating a boutique style coffee ... Caffe Latte: Although very similar to the café au lait the latte uses espresso as the  ...


Sep 23, 2014 ... ... corner coffee shop. Did you know that you can make milk foam at home, too? ... All you need is some milk, a clean jam jar, and a microwave.


Correctly frothing milk for cappuccinos and lattes, part of the home barista's guide to everything you need to know about espresso. ... home of Cafelat products online. MENU. Recent topics · Recent posts · Search · TRENDING · REVIEWS ...


Learn how to froth milk the right way and make microfoam for better ... What you want to create is a thickened milk with foam throughout, something that ... Cold milk right out of the fridge; Spoon to hold back the foam for cafe au lait; Patience ...


Mar 3, 2015 ... If you made it at home, it was either in a metal pot or instant coffee. ... Was there ever really anyone clamoring for a pumpkin spice chai latte? ... I know milk is expensive, but c'mon! .... "little hood" in Italian, the hood being the layer of milk foam) and just want the foamy consistency of the milk in your coffee.


ARTICLES: Barista Skills & Techniques, and Things You'll Need to Know .... So when using the steam wand to heat milk for latte, you should submerge the tip ...


Learn how to steam milk for coffee from a master barista. You'll be ... Or if you want to take a short cut to steamed milk check our picks for the best milk frothers.


Jan 11, 2017 ... I find that a back-and-forth motion is easier than a circular one. ... I like to froth my milk for coffee, tea, cocoa, matcha lattes … basically any time I ...


The goal of steaming milk is to create a creamy milk with a rich, velvety taste. ... the market that let you make lattes and cappuccinos like a professional barista. ... you know air is being properly injected into the milk to create the desired effect.


Frothing milk correctly is the 2nd most important thing you need to know after ... tools so a quality stainless steel frothing jug (with a beak if you want to pour latte art) is ... When frothing (sometimes called foaming) or steaming milk for coffee, it is ...