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I want to live with my mom in about to be 16. my dad says he will not let me live with my mom .there is a lot of Veble and amoshnal abuse.


Jul 19, 2017 ... In the end, it's not up to you to keep your parent's happy. ..... I just told my dad I want to live with my mum more (50/50 arrangement) and see him ...


Jul 30, 2013 ... All my life I have wanted to live with my dad, then the other day my dad ... I am not sure what to do and how to tell my mum I want to move to my ...


I'll give you an answer based upon the Utah Code (I practice divorce and family law in Utah). ... FALSE! Not true. Not the law. You won't find this anywhere in the law in Utah because it does not exist. Don't believe it because it's dead wrong.


I only see her most of the time while she lives in San Angelo I live with my dad and stepmom in San Marcos. I want to live with my mom but not hurt my dads ...


You should let your mom know that you want to live with your dad for the. ... My parents were never married and nobody ever went to court for custody. ... as much as possible that this isn't about you loving or not loving her, this ...


I live with my mom, but I want to live with my dad. ... she should let you move with your father so your she can see how it feels,I'm not tryna be smart,but yeah).


Sep 6, 2011 ... I'll state right up front that I'm not the best person to address this issue, since methinks I have it pretty ..... My parents doesn't let me live my own life. ... My dad, for example, doesn't really get the whole veg diet thing, but he's never put me down about it. ..... how ironic! my mom doesn't want me to be a doctor!


You father can file for a change of custody. As of January 2012, a reasonable child of 12 or older has a right to address the court if he or she so ...