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Feb 13, 2006 ... Go as far as you can to determine if your invention is patentable or if it ... Your sell sheet should be a one- or two-page document that clearly states the following: ... Once you've generated your list of 50 or so companies, you'll want to ... From my perspective, the royalty is the most important element of the ...


You should also try to obtain a patent for you invention. ... hi my name is junior from south african. i want to sell my idea. is about solin.solin is for air pollution. we can ... i have a couple on inventions but no money what do i do who do i talk to.


How to sell my invention? A question commonly asked by new inventors. The truth is many times very simple: Luck. This is not to say you just need to sit back ...


Can I sell my idea to the company that makes the product? Hmmm. This would be .... In any event, you should speak to a patent professional. Take a copy of the ...


Jul 18, 2015 ... The grace period can and should be relied upon only in the event of a mistake or accident. ... The trouble now is that you have been selling the invention thinking you ... Of course, if you want foreign rights you need to apply first before ... Earlier in my career I would hear from inventors who would say that ...


I recently read your article protect your ideas and I have an idea that I want to protect and ... Patents are for inventions, not ideas. ... And you should worry that the patent system is no longer working, caught in a deluge of technology. ... I learned not to even respond to people who wanted to sell me an idea for my business.


Sep 30, 2009 ... Not really - but any invention or idea takes work. or $$.. Plus pros vs. cons ... "I Google-d my husband's name today" or "you should Google it!") I have an idea ... If google want to talk about my idea please contact me. :) If I find ...


How to license and sell inventions and patents. ... come true (someone does win the lottery), you should keep your feet planted ... You need to talk about the invention to move it forward. ... I'm looking for a manufacturer to make my product.


People often call me and tell me they want to license their idea and think it is .... I have found that most bigger companies won't even talk to you unless .... If my husband and I decide to make my little invention out of our garage ...


I am sure my idea is worth millions of dollars, if not billions. ... but you should have the idea thought out to the point where someone skilled in the field could build it. ... If you just want to sell the invention, you need to get it in sufficient detail that an .... license terms or talking about how much you want to sell the application for.