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Jul 11, 2009 ... I want to make a network virus that i can send in an email. I want to send it to all the e-mail addresses that keep sending me spam. any kind of ...


Your best course of action is to contact PayPal for arbitration (don't give up if they first ignore ... skills to do it, and the CFAA is one hell of a heavy-handed legislation. Michael Harrison's answer of sending him glitter seems like a good plan.


The answer deals with Windows. You were not looking for a way to infect Linux or Mac, were ... You can code that in any language you want but as we know we are targeting windows, we might as well use .... You can send the virus to the victim as an attached file to an email, the email has to appear to the victim as ...

Nov 2, 2010 ... Mix - How to make a virus and send it in a email EASY!YouTube. How to make a virus and send it (SHUTDOWN) - Duration: 5:06. mafia1222 ...


Jan 25, 2016 ... People are sending the link around on social media disguised by a short URL, to trick others into opening it and cause them to be unable to ...


i dont want to send a bad virus just a little echo loop but its in .exe or .bat .... People like this need to be taken care of if you know what I mean


Jun 20, 2014 ... "hey guys i NEED some VIRUS not antivirus. where can i get the .... What did I just say about opening all kinds of stuff that people send you?


Can someone send me a virus so I can test if Norton is working properly. I remember you can create a harmless .com file virus from a text file, ...


May 27, 2010 ... In a boring lull after getting home from summer school and need ... Watch this video to learn how to quickly shut down someone else's ... The method doesn't require ip addresses and won't spawn noxious viruses so you won't ... and the latest hacker). pls u can send or text me on 08062580463, thanks a lot.


May 4, 2015 ... HOW TO DESTROY SOMEONE'S COMPUTER BY SENDING HIM AN ... Ok, so you want to get revenge on a friend who stabbed you in the ...