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eBay Valet - Professionals sell your items for you

A new and easy way to make money on eBay by having professionals do the listing, selling and shipping for you.

Just Sell It - We Sell Your Things on ebay

Just Sell It will sell your designer handbags, designer shoes, electronics, sporting equipment, etc on eBay. We sell your items and send you a check!

Why You Might Not Want To Ask EBay To Sell Your Stuff For You ...

Dec 19, 2014 ... eBay's Valet program, which sells people's items on eBay on a ... Step 2 is “Sit back and relax” since “Valets take care of selling your items on eBay. ... with eBay and think they will benefit from some type of expertise in listing, ...

Pickup 2 Sell on eBay - We pick your stuff and sell it for you online at ...

We provide pickup service of your items that we sell for you online on eBay. ... our friendly staff will pickup your items and assist to sell your stuff online on eBay!
To include video in your listing, all you need is a digital video camera of some kind (many smartphones can do this nicely) and an account at YouTube or any one of the other sites listed in the "Using Videos" section of their links policy page . On YouTube, this is don... More »
By Aron Hsiao, Guide

Hiring Middlemen to Sell Stuff on eBay - WSJ

Jan 29, 2009 ... The services take your item and do all the legwork: research the ... only items they believe will bring in more than $75 (when items don't sell, the ...

Welcome to iSold It! We Sell Your Items on eBay and Other Websites

iSold It is the US's largest chain of drop-off stores & the #1 seller on eBay. ... iSOLD It helps individuals, businesses, and fundraisers get top dollar by selling items ... closure at the train tracks along Valencia ave, which will run through 2017.

We-Sell For - Your Ebay Seller!

We offer you the ability to sell your items on eBay even if you don't know how to use ... title which you and/or our research will provide, and list your item on eBay.

How I paid off $15,000 in 9 months by selling my 'Stuff' on Ebay

Oct 28, 2009 ... If I think an item will sell for under $20, I usually just donate it to the local ... What are your own tips for selling on sites like Ebay and Craiglist?

Will Sell Your Stuff on EBAY Stores (credit card, price, paypal ...

Has anyone out there used one of these "stores"? For a fee, they handle eveything involved with selling your items on Ebay--presentation,

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Q: How to sell a item on ebay?
A: 1. The first step to listing a item on ebay is having a ebay sellers account, and a paypal account. If you do not have both of these you need to sign up for the... Read More »
Q: How To Sell Your Items on Ebay.
A: Selling on eBay can be a good way to turn your extra collectibles into cash, but if you're taking the time and trouble to to list them, maximize the results wit... Read More »
Q: How to Find Items in Your Own Home to Sell on eBay
A: Collect all your old back issues of magazines. Don't throw them out! Try selling them online. You can either put them in lots of 5 or more or if you have a spec... Read More »
Q: How to Sell Your Items on eBay
A: Selling on eBay can be a good way to turn your extra collectibles into cash, but if taking the time and trouble to to list them, maximize the results. Difficult... Read More »
Q: What are the biggest selling items on ebay?
A: Gift cards. Read More »