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BAGWELL, Francis Theresa, 3 June 1909-18 July 1909, A2. BAGWELL, George W., 1869-1923, A4. BAGWELL, Ida W., 1872-1923, A4. BAGWELL, Private Tom ...


In compiling this history of the William and Littleton Bagwell households, ..... Ida A . 8. James J. 5. Records show that a John J. Bagwell was in the Infantry of the ...


Dec 28, 2016 ... Also surviving is a brother Jerry Crawford of Pickens, and sisters Ida Bagwell and Emily Barnett. In addition to her parents, Mrs. Reece was ...


Bagwell, Fannie Ida b. 22 May 1873, d. ... Bagwell, Samuel William George b. 13 Apr 1881, d. ... Bagwell, Mattie Elizabeth "Bessie" b. 21 Aug 1904, d. 12 Aug ...


Standing Left to Right: David Ashley Bagwell, John Tilmon Bagwell III, John Tilmon ..... Ida (Campbell), Robert Herman Bagwell and Walter Hoyt Bagwell sitting.


Four other teachers made the census in 1900 who lived in the Istachatta area: Ida Bagwell, Lorena and Susie Alman, lastly Fannie's sister Louise Puckett.


Bagwell, Mrs. Elizabeth and Kight, E. M. – Sept 17, 1896. Bagwell, Miss Ida and Keith, S. J. – May 1, 1910. Bagwell, J. 0. and Cobb, Miss Lillie – Sept 11, 1910


Bagley, Huldah. 149. Bagwell, Katie. 150. Bain, Florence ... Baker, Ida. 157. Baker, Luther. 158. Baker, Mollie. 159. Balding, Grace. 160. Baldridge, Nannie. 161.


Bagwell, Ellen, 159. Bagwell, Fallie Bozeman Sport, 159 ... Bagwell, Sarah Elizabeth (Rodgers), 159. Bagwell ... Banks, Ida (English), 171, 192, 205. Banks, Lou ...


Kyle Bagwell,. Close author notes. Columbia University,. Search for more papers by this author. Robert W. Staiger. Close author notes. University of Wisconsin- ...