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Mar 26, 2012 ... ILSE BOCK, Individually and as Next of Kin,. Surviving Spouse, Next Friend and Personal. Representative of Hans Bock, Deceased,.

Guide to the Administration of Decedents' Estates in Virginia - The ...


Personal Representative: a term used to mean either the executor or the administrator ... an individual to make arrangements for his or her funeral and the disposition of his or ... the surviving spouse or next of kin should make the funeral arrangements. ... The decedent's heirs may be entitled to death benefits from the Social ...

Priority Order of Persons Entitled to Letters in a Washington Probate


Decedent's "next of kin," in the following order ["Next of kin" means heirs, those ... To be appointed as a Personal Representative, a person must meet the statutory ... During the first 40 days following Decedent's death, any person having ... As for the appointment of any surviving spouse: The pertinent not...

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affidavit for the surviving spouse or next of kin - US Department of ...


Name of Deceased ... Complete Address of the Deceased ... where the deceased last had a ... AFFIDAVIT FOR THE SURVIVING SPOUSE OR NEXT OF KIN ... " provisional conservator" of the personal effects of U.S. citizens who die ... of their death if there is not a legal representative, partner in trade, or trustee appointed to.

Article 4 - Year's Allowance.


deceased spouse, to an allowance of the value of thirty thousand dollars ( $30,000) for the ... Duty of personal representative, magistrate, or clerk to assign allowance. .... of the surviving spouse, a child by the child's guardian or next friend, or.

Decedents' Estates - Sacramento Superior Court - California


A dead person's estate will not be handled in probate court if there is a surviving spouse and the estate consists entirely of community property, or the ... If there is no spouse or children, the property goes to the person's next nearest relatives. ... have an administrator appointed to act as personal representative of the es...