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IQ, or Intelligence Quotient, is derived from one of several standardized tests to assess intelligence. The average score is 100, and the standard deviation is 15. Approximately 95% of the population scores between 70 and 130.
There has been much debate about whether IQ tests are an accurate measure of intelligence, and many argue that it measures only one type of intelligence.

IQ classification - Wikipedia


IQ classification is the practice by IQ test publishers of labeling IQ score ranges with category names such as "superior" or "average". There are several ...

IQ chart


IQ Range, Classification. Above 145, Genius or near genius. 130-145, Very superior. 115-130, Superior. 85-115, Normal. 70-85, Dullness. Below 70, Borderline ...

IQ Basics - IQ Comparison Site


IQ Basics. IQ normal curve. Graph drawn in Excel using the NORMDIST function. ... IQ Range. Classification. 140 and over, Genius or near genius. 120-140 ...

IQ Test Score Guide - Free IQ Test


An IQ test score guide to explain the meaning of your IQ score.

Interpretation of an IQ score - 123Test


Is your iq average? Do you have a genius IQ score? The table below shows an IQ level chart that gives a clear overview of the IQ score ranges as derived from ...

I.Q. ranges and real-life functioning - Paul Cooijmans


I.Q. ranges and their relevance to real-life functioning, discussed by Paul Cooijmans.

What is a normal IQ range? | Reference.com


There have been multiple classifications or tests for IQ, but the common conclusion places the normal or average IQ at 90 to 110. Tests for IQ are sometimes ...

IQ Reference Table | Intelligence Quotient Percentile Score Chart


Here is the table of IQ reference scores and their meaning. The Intelligence Quotient reference Chart or table is used to determine the IQ percentile range of an ...

What IQ ranges are considered smart and genius? | Reference.com


A score of more than 140 is counted as a high IQ, and a score of more than 160 is considered to be a genius IQ score. Average intelligence IQ scores range ...