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Falling with the right technique will keep you from getting injured. ... In figure skating, you alternate between lifting one foot ...

Mar 8, 2013 ... How To Ice Skate And Glide For Beginners - Ice Skating 101 For The First Time Learn To Skate. This tutorial describes a basic technique of ice ...


This easy skating technique involves propelling yourself forward without bringing your feet off the ice. Start with your heels together, toes pointed forward and out ...


Feb 2, 2015 ... These basic ice-skating tricks and moves for beginners are sure to make you a more confident skater, whether you've just wobbled onto the ice ...


An image of Top 10 Ice Skating Tips For Beginners ... Get some lessons — If you really want to master the basics, then taking some lessons is an absolute must.


This guide outlines some of the main ice skating moves and techniques that are open to all skill levels, including beginners just starting out in the sport.


Nov 6, 2013 ... Hockey players will skate differently than figure skaters and public skaters. In hockey we want speed, power and agility. I will be posting new ...


Dec 25, 2009 ... Backward skating is one of the most difficult skating technique to master. ... Always keep both feet on the ice (not like forward skating).


If you want to progress, it is time well invested to learn the basics thoroughly, even if the ... Ksenia Makarova at the 2011 World Figure Skating Championships.


6. Proper skating technique. Proper Skating Technique ... Keep your feet very low to the ice at all stages of the stride. Don't kick your foot up in the air at the end ...