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Brown-rot fungi break down hemicellulose and cellulose. ... The term brown rot replaced the general use of the term dry rot, as wood ...


Dry Rot can present itself in many shapes and forms, let us explain how to spot and identify dry rot and show you exactly what your looking out for.


Also, without proper training, it can be difficult to identify the difference between wet rot and the more serious dry rot. That said, the guide below should be able to  ...


Tell tale signs of dry rot to help you identify if you have a dry rot problem. Lots of helpful pictures - from Industry Award Winners - Wise Property Care.


Struggling to identify types of wet rot and dry rot? If so this easy to follow guide to Dry Rot and Wet Rot Treatment, Detection and Diagnosis could help you!


It can happen to wood anywhere in your house—in structural timber, door trim, eaves, exterior trim—you name it. Wood rot is also common on boats and plants ...


The identification and treatment of dry rot (Serpula lacrymans) in buildings.


Dry rot is a problem that can affect timber homes especially in bushland settings and damp areas. Learn how to identify dry rot with this guide from Bunnings.


Timber wet and dry rots, how to identify and cure them.

May 7, 2011 ... The video shows how to identify Dry Rot, what can cause the decay and also how old fungal growth feels and sounds, compared to new growth ...