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Idolatry is the worship of an idol or a physical object as a representation of a god. In all the Abrahamic religions idolatry is strongly forbidden, although views as ...

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Mar 31, 2008 ... Hinduism is one of the oldest religions of the world. There is a misconception about idol worship and Hinduism. Hinduism has primarily two ...

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Idol worship is that practice in Hinduism which refers to the worship of names and forms (murti). The practice is peculiar to Hinduism because in no other religion ...

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Why do people worship idols even though they are banned in their religion? ... and hindus them self) and several other hindu scriptures ban idol worship.

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A simple definition of idol worship is to believe that anything beside God can help .... As a Submitter (Muslim) if we follow a source other than Quran for religious ...

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Idolatry in Catholicism and Orthodox Churches. Idolatry and Other Religions. The End Of All Idolatry. The Warnings Against Idol Worship: There is considerable ...

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Apr 25, 2014 ... Hinduism is the world's oldest living religion and the third largest – behind Christianity ... No Hindu will say he or she is worshipping an idol.

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May 23, 2011 ... It is not difficult to see that the idol worship imbedded in all branches of ... Reincarnation is refuted by all the main Monotheistic religions of the ...

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In addition to the general prohibition of (religious) idolatry, contemporary ... Justin Martyr forwarded his predecessor's diatribes against idol worship, but was ...

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to reach GOD Almighty is a form of idol worshiping itself, because these idols are ... to show you that Christians today do not follow their religion in the right way.

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Q: Let's start a debate: what is worse ,celebrity Idol worship or re...
A: You're a tough debater but both are irrelevant. Just live your own life without worship at all. Read More »
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Q: Is christianity becomes idol worshiping religion?
A: At least in the United States, I would worry more about the intangible idols that Christians have begun to worship: Money, prestige, political power, comfort, e... Read More »
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Q: Has Islam copied any aspects from the idol worshipping religion o...
A: they're all nicking ideas and theology off each other Read More »
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Q: In what religion do they worship idols?
A: Arguably, no religion worships idols. An idol is merely a statue representing the god, and is used to help the faithful to pray. Some Christian denominations al... Read More »
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Q: Why do some religions worship idols?
A: Some followers of ancient religions in the middle east worshiped idols to the great offense of God. They had Ankhs and amulets that they believed actually had p... Read More »
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