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2 + 2 = 5


The phrase "two plus two equals five" ("2 + 2 = 5") is a slogan used in many different forms of ... He adds: "I admit that twice two makes four is an excellent thing, but if...

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the number is 3 because 3 times 5 is 15 plus 2 is 17.

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the product of a number and three n•3 or 3n times three times a number. 3n twice, thrice ... Six plus five times a number is less than the sum of the number and one 6 + 5x < x + 1. 10. The sum of two consecutive integers is equal to nine x + x + 1 ...

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The difference between four times the larger number and five equals the sum of five times the smaller number and two. Find the two numbers. The first sentence ...

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"Number" word problems are fairly contrived, but they're also fairly standard, so you ... (like –4.628 or <sup>17</sup>/32), and that the second number is one more than the first. ... that "consecutive integers" (or "consecutive whole numbers", if they're restricting ... Twice the larger of two numbers is thre...

1.8 1) When five is added to three more than a certain number, the ...

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5) A number plus itself, plus twice itself, plus 4 times itself, is equal to − 104. What is the number? ... 17) Two angles of a triangle are the same size. The third angle is ... How much did each cost, if the bicycle cost 5 times as much as the helmet ...

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plus minus times divided by equals sum of difference of product of quotient of is equal to ... Twice a number less than four is equal to six times a number plus five. 4. 2. = ... phrase “two and three is five” to mean 2 + 3 = 5. ... If a number is increased by the product of the number and ten, the result is the number squared plus fiv...

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Read In Algebra "A Number" Doesn't Mean "Any Old Number" or and should understand the idea of variable. Read Know ... Two Numbers -- One Operation: Addition & Subtraction. This passage ... difference · the other number · exceed · minus · plus ... the value of 4 nickels, 4(5) or 5+5...

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Feb 18, 2015 ... This makes it clear that, if it was 100 MB, it's now only 20 MBs... five ... The form, [ number] times smaller is perfectly acceptable, clear (not ... since it has two variants for large numbers: a hundred times smaller, ... The size of A is the size of B, plus the size of B, plus the size of B, ... Adam Feb 19 '...

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An exponent tells you how many times the base number is used as a factor. ... to the second power is called "five squared" and means "five times five. ... Four squared times two cubed is not the same as 8 raised to the power two plus three.

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SOLUTION: Five times a number plus 2 equals 4 less than seven ...


SOLUTION: Five times a number plus 2 equals 4 less than seven times the number. To find this number, denote it by x. (A) write a formula that represents five ...

One number exceeds another by 12 . if five times the smaller


Four times the larger number plus three times the smaller number is 25. Find the ... If five times the smaller number is twice the larger, the result will be one. ... Answer: (17,19) 2) Find two numbers whose sum is 66 and whose difference is 18.

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So,. y=9*(-5)=-45. If five times a number plus two is 17, what is the number? We have. 5x+2=17. So, 5x=17-2=15. So,. x=15/5=3 solve this equation: 4y+228=352.