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May 9, 2015 ... Do you ever wonder what kind of dog breed you'd be if you were a dog? Take this quiz and find out!

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If you were a dog, what dog breed would you be? Take our dog breed quiz below and find out! 1. You've had a long week at work and it's time to unwind.

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Well, get ready for a good night's sleep, because you are just 15 questions away from uncovering the answer to the puzzle: If you were a dog, what kind would ...

If You Were A Dog, What Kind Do You Think You Would Be?


A free quiz to discover what type of dog you would be.



I love doggies! check out my other quizzes b my friend Take this quiz! Whats your favorite sport?? What best describes your personality? Where would you.

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Are you soft and fluffy, or loyal and adventurous? Answer these 12 questions to find out what dog breed you would be!

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How would you describe yourself physically? I'm pretty skinny. I am tall. I am curvy ... I go stir-crazy if I'm not active enough. I enjoy the outdoors and excersize,  ...

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A lot of times a dog's personality is determined by their type of breed. So if you were a dog, what dog breed would you be?

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... if you were a dog? Oh and what kind of dog would you be? ... I'd truly like to be. 'Cause if I were an Oscar Mayer weiner, everyone would be in love with me.

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If you were a dog, what breed would you be? Would you be tiny, feisty and spunky like a Chihuahua? What dog breed do you identify with the most?

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Yes I like to drool on them. As long as they don't ring that dang doorbell! They seem to be scared of me. I run and hide. Yes they're ok.

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There is many dog breeds in this world dachounds greatdanes mixbreeds ... Have you ever wanted to know what breed of dog you would be if you was a dog ?

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Jan 29, 2014 ... Because is there anything better than being a dog?.. ... Tagged:dog, are you a dog, dog breed, dog quiz, spirit animal, type, what are you, ... a major disaster in West Virginia after at least 23 people were killed in flash floods. ... 16 “Would You Rather” Questions That Are Impossible For '90s Kids To Answer ...