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If a equals 6 cm find the area of the equilateral triangle Round the ...


187.10 ... If a equals 6 cm find the area of the equilateral triangle Round the answer to one decimal place? ... what is round these to one decimal place? it means ...

Area of Regular ...Polygons problems with detailed solutions ...


Problem 1: A 6 sided regular polygon (hexagon) is inscribed in a circle of radius ... angles of the triangle are equal and therefore it is an equilateral triangle. ... side of pentagon = 2 OM tan(t / 2) = 8.7 cm (answer rounded to two decimal places) ... be approximated by the area of the circumscribed circle with radius R. ( HINT: If ...

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11 a Draw four triangles with a 30° angle like the one shown at right, ... side in a triangle, if we know the lengths of the two other sides. ... Round your answer correct to. 1 ... 6 An isosceles triangle has a base of 30 cm and a perpendicular height of 10 cm. Find ... Find the length of the hypotenuse, correct to 2 decimal places.

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Find the area of an isosceles triangle having two equal sides of 20 cm each and angle ... Triangle ABC is an isosceles triangle inscribed in circle O. If each leg of the ... DC is an arc of a circle, centre A. Find, correct to 1 decimal place, .... how to calculate area of isosceles triangle with two angles of 45 degree and base of 6

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find the area of a regular pentagon inscribed in a circle with radius 3 units ... If I know the distance of the flat sides opposite one another of my hex, how can I calculate the size of ... The vertices of an equilateral triangle with side length of 10 sqrt 3 cm lie on a circle. ... Determine its perimeter and area to one decimal plac...

Questions on Geometry: Area and Surface Area answered by real ...


Questions on Geometry: Area and Surface Area answered by real tutors! ... Question 1039680: Find the surface área of the rectangular prism l=1.5m ... cost of painting the external surface of the box if it cost 80 to paint one square metre. ..... 50.27 feet^2 (2 decimal places) ... An equilateral triangle with sides measuring 4.5cm

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(find the altitude); Find the area of an equilateral triangle with side ... Example 1: Find the area of a circle with a diameter of 12 cm. Solution: If the diameter is 12 cm, then the radius is 6 cm. The area ..... You may use decimals or fractions in your answers, but do not round. Find ... Round your answer to the nearest hundredth.

Given the area and angles of an isosceles triangle, find the length of ...


Jan 19, 2014 ... Given the area and angles of an isosceles triangle, find the length of the sides. ... area of 27 c m 2 , and the angle between the two equal sides is 5 π 6 . What is the length of the two equal sides? (Round your answer to one decimal place.) .... Will it damage my MacBook if I put it in the fridge to cool it down?

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(a) If P is the point (15, 1225) on the graph of V, find the slopes of the secant lines PQ when ... Correct: Your answer is correct. ... (Round your answer to one decimal place.) .... The length of a rectangle is increasing at a rate of 6 cm/s and its width is ... of isosceles triangles that are 4 ft across at the top and have a height...

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answer a particular Sprint Round problem without a calculator? ... 6 is the number chosen. 6 Ans. 5. Given: 1. 3 of Sally's money is spent on the ... The area of triangle ABC is. 1. 2 ×4×4=8 Ans. 13. Find: the greatest prime ... If the sum of the first two terms is 7, they .... decimal point. .... isosceles triangle which are all of...

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An equilateral triangle has the area of 25 squared root


Jun 2, 2012 ... Round answer to the one decimal place. ... For example: A squared + b squared.. . geometry - If a=6cm, find the area of the equilateral triangle.

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We call a pyramid a “right pyramid” if the line between the apex and the centre of the ... Find the surface area of the following cone (correct to 1 decimal place):.

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Lesson 7-1 Area of Parallelograms, Triangles, and Trapezoids 315 .... 3,100. The area to be seeded is 9,600. 3,100 or 6,500 square feet. If one bag ... A = 60.35 mm2. Find the area of each figure. 4. 5. 6. 6.4 cm. 3.6 cm. 10 cm ..... ALGEBRA For Exercises 25 and 26, round to the nearest tenth. 25. ... Our answer is reasonable.