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In ethology, territory is the sociographical area that an animal of a particular species ... In birds, golden eagles (Aquila chrysaetos) have territories of 9,000 hectares, least flycatchers' .....

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In mathematics, a well-defined set clearly indicates what is a member of the set ... Defined Cell Wall Are Called · If a Bird Species Has Well Defined Territories ...

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Territorial boundaries may be marked by sounds such as bird song, or scents ... If such advertisement does not discourage intruders, chases and fighting follow. ... The male cougar has a large territory that may overlap the territories of several ... Territorial species tend to be distributed over the landscape in a more regular .....

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Undoubtedly if a much larger area could have been included in this study a ... Territorial behavior is well established in this species, although only the male de- .... define the limits of their territories by singing, which was not possible for lack of  ...

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... of territorial and other aggressive behavior has come to be well appreciated, as evidenced in recent ... tory, if present, may be restricted only to the nest and the area reachable ... food supply, and attraction of a mate on a relatively fixed and well-defined .... necessity of defense of the nesting territory in this species. Leks...

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Predators tend to have larger territories than omnivores or herbivores of the same weight ... per unit time than lighter species; b) If certain restrictions are satisfied, the collective bio- masses in a given large area ... supply as well, at least for birds of similar size. Because of such ... territory be defined as "an exclusiv...

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their ideas about the functions of bird territory—even if it deals with another group of ... (b) that sexual as well as aggressive behaviour limits population density,. (c) the frequency of ... In some instances it has been shown that where species of different sizes ... fighting, and fighting and display in a clearly defined area. 2.

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Apr 1, 1987 ... Bird territories: A key to understanding bird behavior. American Birds 41: ... and the theory of territoriality has this advantage. ... company of other species of finches. ... with the simple, broad definition sug- gested by ... Ironically. Nice came to know her birds so well ... one year to the next; if they survived.

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Range is more closely associated with the species as whole population. ... Birds understand the well-defined limits of their territory, even without the aid of visual ... The best territories, the ones that have the most to offer in regards to food and ...

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Very often birds of this species will use the same hunting perch nightly (Cohn- Haft 1999). ... in tropical forests and is well hidden by its cryptic coloring ( Wetmore 1968). ... It is unclear if there are defined territories, but since this species is nonmigratory, ... Breeding has been reported in March and April in Colombia (Hilty an...

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A 'territory' can be defined as any defended area & most birds are territorial (in the sense ... Birds should only defend territories if the benefits of defense outweigh the costs. .... Several studies with a variety of species have revealed that males (and ... So, when densities are high in the good (or rich) habitats, a b...

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territorial behavior may affect a population do not appear to have been as ... Operationally, territories are best defined in terms of areas “defended” over a .... The prediction that dense breeding populations of a territorial species should .... sequence of this, but offer less good chances of success (or, of course, if many birds.

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i) A key question facing both territorial birds and those seeking a flock is: which other birds ... If you had two species exhibiting interspecific territoriality what ... A) Definition. i) A territory has the following distinguishing features: ... Among the most common are: food, mates, good nest sites, good places to hide from predat...