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Territory (animal)


In ethology, territory is the sociographical area that an animal of a particular species ... In birds, golden eagles (Aquila chrysaetos) have territories of 9,000 hectares, least flycatchers' .....

territorial behavior and population regulation in birds


territorial behavior may affect a population do not appear to have been as ... Operationally, territories are best defined in terms of areas “defended” over a .... The prediction that dense breeding populations of a territorial species should .... sequence of this, but offer less good chances of success (or, of course, if many birds.

Nesting Cycle - NestWatch


More than 700 bird species breed in North America, and the variations in their ... Good territories provide potential nest sites, reliable food sources, and ... If all goes well, the sperm penetrate through the wall of the ovum (egg) and ... Songbirds and most seabirds have altricial young, meaning that the newly hatched birds are ...

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Jun 25, 2015 ... For Owls, as with other birds, the period during which nesting and ... the duration of the breeding season, especially if the species involved is dispersive or migratory. ... and a well-defined surrounding feeding territory against members of ... of Owls, and a few species, notably the Barn Owl, have adopted the .....

Individual Quality Explains Variation in Reproductive Success Better ...


Mar 5, 2014 ... We argue that, in territorial species, individual quality is a major ... This concept is well supported by studies reporting differences in reproductive success in birds and .... variation in breeding success, good quality individuals would have ... the random factor effect defined as per the three approaches above, ...

Will Two Or More Canaries Get Along? - Birds


Bird Species at BirdChannel.com ... song in a large shared-cage than a smaller one, but not as much song if each canary has his own well-defined territory.

Kin Selection - Kimball's Biology Pages


These birds occupy well-defined territories. ... are actually improving their chances of eventually raising larger families than they would have if they started right at it. ... Conversely, those species that employ helpers tend to be monogamous.

FAQ: Great Horned Owl Nest Cam - Cornell Lab of Ornithology


Great Horned Owls nest in a wider variety of sites than any other bird in the Americas. ... If something happens to the entire first clutch of eggs early in the breeding season, ... Minimum circular territory size has been recorded as just under 0.1 square ... The facial disc and white bib are well defined by 11 weeks and mottled ...



Nov 9, 2010 ... We have a pair of crows in our backyard that use our bird bath as a ... It appears that all crows will join winter roosts, even territorial breeding crows. .... Great Horned Owls take adults as well as nestling crows with great regularity. .... I always say that if you want to tell the species of crow, ask it if it is an...

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used by the males, and a good description of the male while dancing, while Moreau ... species, which do not however dance, have been studied in respect of territory ... unoccupied I cannot say whether both rings were used by the same bird. .... of this species, as there appeared to be a greater number of females than males ...

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An estimated 90 percent of all bird species are monogamous. Monogamy is defined as one male mating with one female and forming a "pair ... Presumably monogamy evolved in situations where young have a much better chance of surviving if ... a territory containing a nest cavity), but experimental removal of males has ...

Birds of a Prairie Community - jstor


and two or three inches of dead grass debris have accumulated over the ground. .... If all species are included that use the prairie either for nesting or feeding, ... Territorial behavior is well established in this species, although only the male de- ..... define the limits of their territories by singing, which was not possible for l...

Territory in Dragonflies and Birds


their ideas about the functions of bird territory—even if it deals with another group of ... (b) that sexual as well as aggressive behaviour limits population density,. (c) the frequency of ... In some instances it has been shown that where species of different sizes ... fighting, and fighting and display in a clearly defined area. 2.