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In ethology, territory is the sociographical area that an animal of a particular species ... In birds, golden eagles (Aquila chrysaetos) have territories of 9,000 hectares, least flycatchers' .....

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A 'territory' can be defined as any defended area & most birds are territorial (in the sense ... Birds should only defend territories if the benefits of defense outweigh the costs. .... Several studies with a variety of species have revealed that males (and ... So, when densities are high in the good (or rich) habitats, a b...

Territory in Dragonflies and Birds


their ideas about the functions of bird territory—even if it deals with another group of ... (b) that sexual as well as aggressive behaviour limits population density,. (c) the frequency of ... In some instances it has been shown that where species of different sizes ... fighting, and fighting and display in a clearly defined area. 2.

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Jun 25, 2015 ... For Owls, as with other birds, the period during which nesting and ... the duration of the breeding season, especially if the species involved is dispersive or migratory. ... and a well-defined surrounding feeding territory against members of ... of Owls, and a few species, notably the Barn Owl, have adopted the .....

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well designed, it can be a research tool in its own right providing that suitable .... If the general distribution of the species has been mapped by an atlas project. Introduction | 21 ..... A definition of truly random sampling is that each ..... It is an inefficient method for recording non-territorial species, semi-colonial species, ...

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Territorial boundaries may be marked by sounds such as bird song, or scents ... If such advertisement does not discourage intruders, chases and fighting follow. ... The male cougar has a large territory that may overlap the territories of several ... Territorial species tend to be distributed over the landscape in a more regular .....

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These birds occupy well-defined territories. ... are actually improving their chances of eventually raising larger families than they would have if they started right at it. ... Conversely, those species that employ helpers tend to be monogamous.

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The territory sizes were measured for 18 species of birds. Territory ... (Wiens 1989b). Each bird species has an ecologically ... a well-defined habitat preference (Karr 1990a). Thus, ... if a territory could not be detected, i.e. no discernable.

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Bird Species at BirdChannel.com ... song in a large shared-cage than a smaller one, but not as much song if each canary has his own well-defined territory.



By definition, the sex that produces the larger reproductive cells (eggs) is the ... in contrast, that male birds should be much less choosy and attempt to have as many ... If the difference between high- and low-quality territories is great enough, the ... Certain seed-eating savanna species of African weavers (relatives of House ...

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Predators tend to have larger territories than omnivores or herbivores of the same weight ... per unit time than lighter species; b) If certain restrictions are satisfied, the collective bio- masses in a given large area ... supply as well, at least for birds of similar size. Because of such ... territory be defined as "an exclusiv...

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iv) Similarly, territorial birds usually defend territories against members of the same species. ... If you had two species exhibiting interspecific territoriality what ... A) Definition. i) A territory has the following distinguishing features: ... Among the most common are: food, mates, good nest sites, good places to hide from preda...



An estimated 90 percent of all bird species are monogamous. Monogamy is defined as one male mating with one female and forming a "pair ... Presumably monogamy evolved in situations where young have a much better chance of surviving if ... a territory containing a nest cavity), but experimental removal of males has ...