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Gneiss /ˈnaɪs/ is a common and widely distributed type of rock formed by high- grade ... It has occurred in English since at least 1757. ... The appearance of layers, called compositional b...

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In this outcrop you see a sequence of sandstone layers. ... The blue-grey rock is a fine sandstone that has been broken into angular pieces in .... They have been tightly folded, and you can see that the rock has behaved as if it was quite soft, like putty. ... The light streaks are feldspar and quartz, the dark bands are mica and ...

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You must say if you are a teacher. ... (dark rocks) Extrusive Igneous Rock Color: black or dark. Streak: Layers: ... Color: always going to be grey (light or dark) ... Other: sometimes has bands (stripes) of different colored minerals caused by the  ...

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If your thoughts are different, see if you can rationally figure out ... Flat Layers - Sedimentary rocks are formed from small pieces of rock that rest at the bottom of ... These rocks may have alternating bands of light and dark minerals, or may be.

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This causes the minerals in the original rock to reorient themselves with the long and ... crystals are larger with the grains aligned in parallel to subparallel layers ... pressures; coarse grained texture of alternating light and dark mineral bands.

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Owing to the fact that shales are the most abundant sedimentary rock (60% of all ... results in light and dark colored minerals being concentrated in alternating layers. ... If these mica minerals grow during deformation, they will be aligned with their ... Each of these minerals has the same chemical composition (Al2 SiO5 ), but ...

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The solid rock that makes up the Earth's crust is called bedrock. It can be seen on ... It is often found as bands within chalk. Chalk is soft, white, and ... limestone or granite. Light and dark layers of minerals can be seen rippling across the rock.

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Identify major minerals contained within a metamorphic rock. • Distinguish between ... and the formation of bands or layers of like minerals. METAMORPHIC  ...

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A rock is an assemblage of mineral grains. ... Felsic igneous rocks are light in color. ... Much limestone has apparently been altered over the ages into a related carbonate ... If there are platy or elongate minerals in the resulting metamorphic rock they will ... The light and dark bands are alternations of felsic vs. mafic layers .

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Slate is a hard, fine-grained rock with a well-developed rock cleavage or ... The light and dark bands (gneissic banding) are alternations of felsic vs. mafic layers.

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Q: If a rock has bands of light and dark layers it is?
A: It could be foliated metamorphic rock or sedimentary rock, depending on its mineral makeup and method of formation. Read More »
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A rock has alternating layers of dark and light colors the rock has visible quartz crystals and ... What rock has parallel bands of dark and light mineral grains?

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Rocks that form when a pre-existing rock (protolith) changes due .... has properties of both a gas and a liquid. Supercritical ... minerals align or alternating light and dark layers form, giving the rock a planar fabric ... Distinguished based on composition, but may be foliated if subjected to significant ... form compositional bands...

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If a great amount of pressure is exerted on the sedimentary rock, or it is ... Hornblende is usually found in dark colored metamorphic rocks; sometimes in igneous rocks. .... The rock has crystals, layers that look like ribbons or bands of minerals ... The rock is mostly light to medium gray, has crystal grains, and is not layered.

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Under the thick layers of sedimentary rock lies the denser granite. The granitic ... The lava has cooled and is now a volcanic rock called basalt. The weathering .... Biotite mica is dark green to black in color because it contains iron, magnesium. Mica is ... Some minerals sparkle in the light while others are dull and boring!