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Imminent peril


Imminent peril, or imminent danger, is an American legal concept where Imminent peril is "certain danger, immediate, and impending; menacingly close at hand, ...

Imminent Danger - Occupational Safety and Health Administration


Section 13(a) of the Act defines imminent danger as "... any conditions or practices in any place of employment which are such that a danger exists which could ...

What is IMMINENT DANGER? definition of IMMINENT DANGER ...


Definition of IMMINENT DANGER: In relation to homicide in self-defense, this term means immediate danger, such as must be Instantly met, such as cannot be  ...

Are There Shades of Gray? — Child Abuse Reporting


According to State Law, child abuse or neglect occurs when a child has been harmed in the ways previously described, or is in "Imminent Danger of Harm.

Imminent | Define Imminent at Dictionary.com


Imminent definition, likely to occur at any moment; impending: Her death is imminent. ... I do not know whether she was conscious of her imminent danger.

How to Recognize Imminent Danger: 7 Essential Safety Rules


Danger lurks everywhere. I'm not talking about health risks or economic downturns, I'm talking about human predators. Most people are good human beings, bu.

Serious and Foreseeable Harm or Clear, Imminent Danger ...


You wish you could reach out to her parents, but in your view this student's situation does not meet the threshold of clear, imminent danger; therefore, you feel ...

Imminent | Definition of Imminent by Merriam-Webster


ready to take place; especially : hanging threateningly over one's head <was in imminent danger of being run over>. imminently adverb. See imminent defined ...

Imminent Danger - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


Documentary video: The Journal Sentinel completed an Imminent Danger documentary. You can watch the video online or request copy on DVD by emailing ...

Imminent Danger German Shepherd Rescue in East TN


Imminent Danger German Shepherd Rescue is a no-kill, all volunteer organization whose members are passionate about German Shepherd Dogs. Our efforts ...

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Imminent Danger Law & Legal Definition


Imminent danger is an immediate threat of harm, which varies depending on the context in which it is used. For example, one state statute defines imminent ...

Imminent vs Immediate Danger


If you ask 100 lawyers or psychiatrists or police officers to define and explain the difference between immediate and imminent danger you will get an ...

Imminent legal definition of imminent


Imminent. Impending; menacingly close at hand; threatening. Imminent peril, for example, is danger that is certain, immediate, and impending, such as the type ...