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I received my permanent impairment rating report in the mail today from a left knee injury I.


Learn what an Impairment Rating Evaluation (IRE) is and how it relates to workers' compensation with our tell-all guide.


Permanent disability ratings are used to assess the degree of damage that resulted from your work-related injury or occupational disease.


I received a" 20% lower extremity impairment or an 8% whole person impairment. " I was wondering what I can expect to receive as a payout for ...


Before settlement negotiations begin, your insurance company should send you a permanent disability rating that can be converted into a monetary amount.


An impairment rating evaluation, or IRE, is frequently a last resort for insurance carriers. More commonly, insurance companies try one of the other strategies ...


Legal Help for Worker's Compensation - Impairment Rating And What To Expect At Settlement. South Carolina. I injured back at work.


They have given her a 4% permanent impairment rating of her back. We are negotiating with the adjuster for a settlement, but don't have any idea where to start ...


Yesterday I received the report from the AME. He gave me a 20% whole person permanent imparement for the low back and a 2% whole ...