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Efforts to impeach Barack Obama


During the presidency of Barack Obama, Republican congressmembers have stated that Obama may have engaged in impeachable activity and may face ...

Impeach Obama Campaign — To Save America


Feb 26, 2016 ... Impeach Obama Campaign is the largest movement to Impeach Obama in the US. Find out why he should be.

IMPEACH OBAMA - Sign the pledge


Stop Obama!—let's do our part. The Constitution of the United States provides only one way to stop a lawless president—IMPEACHMENT: The President, Vice  ...

Impeach President Obama & Remove Him from Office | Right Alerts


IMPEACH OBAMA AND REMOVE HIM FROM OFFICE. Here's why: He has purposefully lied about the Benghazi atrocity, instructed others to lie, and intimidated ...

Prosecute Obama - Facebook logo


Prosecute Obama, Raleigh, North Carolina. ... #ImpeachObama #Ombap # .... BE IMPEACHED AND TRIED FOR TREASON WITH HILLARY CLINTON TO.

Impeach Obama President of the United States of America ...


According to the Constitution of the United States of America, Article 2, Section 1, "No Person except a "Natural Born Citizen", or a Citizen of the United States, ...

Top 10 Reasons Republicans Want To Impeach President Obama ...


Jun 27, 2012 ... For more than two years, Republicans in Congress have wanted to impeach President Obama. Every few months, they come up with creative ...

51 REASONS TO IMPEACH OBAMA | Petition2Congress


Obama and unrepentant terrorist William Ayers misappropriated over 300 million dollars in ... Do you want to report these comments to the moderator for removal? ... Their very high birth rate and our very low one, do the math! ... so much that he's doing everything he can to dismantle it and subjugate we the people! Isn't it ...

Watch: Trey Gowdy Offers Epic Reason For Not Impeaching Obama ...


Do you think Obama should be impeached? ... After January, he's not getting anything else through the Congress that Republicans don't want to see go through.

Popular Q&A
Q: When will they impeach Obama.
A: The only two presidents that have been impeached are: Andrew Johnson, the seventeenth and William J. Clinton, the Read More »
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Q: When do they Impeach Obama.
A: In order to impeach President Obama he would have to be found to have been involved in misconduct.! Read More »
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Q: How to impeach obama?
A: Well, the first step would be to wait for him to do something which justifies impeachment. Making political decisions you don't like or agree with doesn't quali... Read More »
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Q: Who is ready to Impeach Obama!?
A: How about you step back for a second and look at yourself in the mirror? Now, take a DEEP look. Ah, maybe you can finally realize that your GOP lost the electio... Read More »
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Q: Why would we impeach obama for what reason.
A: 1. Only the House of Representatives can impeach the President. 2. The president must first break a federal law in order to be impeached. As of right now only t... Read More »
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