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The best way to find out the real cause of spotting is to know how long implantation bleeding may last and to compare it with the period`s duration.

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Implantation bleeding (also known as spotting) usually lasts for a couple of days but every woman is different, so how long it lasts can vary. Sometimes it's less ...

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The length of implantation bleeding is different from one woman to the other. And in general it only last a short time and it's only some drops, much less than a ...

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Apr 30, 2015 ... If you're experiencing bleeding and it is not period blood, it may be implantation bleeding. This occurs when a woman's egg is fertilized and ...

How Long Does Implantation Cramping Last & How to Distinguish It ...


How Long Does Implantation Cramping Last & How to Distinguish It from Other ... Implantation cramps are light pulling or pricking pains, localized in the lower ...

How to Recognize Implantation Bleeding: 10 Steps


How to Recognize Implantation Bleeding. Implantation bleeding may be an early sign of pregnancy for approximately 1/3 of all women who conceive.

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By paying attention to your symptoms, the length of bleeding and the intensity of bleeding, you can figure out if you are having your period or implantation ...

Can Implantation Bleeding Be Heavy? | New Health Guide


For some women, it's a case of on and off spotting, and this too could last a couple of days. There are no specific rules as to how long implantation bleeding  ...

How Long After Conception Does Implantation Bleeding Occur?


After your egg is fertilized, it travels to your uterus for implantation and hCG production . Article discusses how long this can take.

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Apr 19, 2016 ... Implantation bleeding, or spotting, occurs in early pregnancy. What is it, how long does it last and what can you learn from it? Find out.

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How Long Does Implantation Bleeding Last? - Pregnancy


Includes: understanding implantation bleeding, the length of implantation bleeding, and the start of a healthy pregnancy.

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Oct 5, 2007 ... Implantation bleeding lasted 7 days and felt pretty much like normal period, .... My cycle is typically between 34 and 38 days long sometimes ...

Implantation Bleeding or Period? - My Pregnancy Baby


As long as your implantation bleeding is not heavy or profuse, the color of your implantation blood doesn't really matter. You should only experience spotting for  ...