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Why You Must Have Solitude and Time For Yourself - Oprah.com


Jul 12, 2011 ... Here's why it's important to insist on time alone: We're more .... First, take this quiz to evaluate the severity of your addiction. Once you've ...

Why You Shouldn't Feel Guilty About Stealing a Little Time for Yourself


Feb 1, 2012 ... Taking time for yourself gives your brain a chance to reboot, improves ... And equally important, how do you deal with the guilt when you ...

Taking time for yourself in a relationship - Success


Taking Time for Yourself in a Relationship. Women Are From Venus, Men ... It's important for both partners to value quality relaxation time. There is absolutely no  ...

Why You Should Take More Time for Yourself - Pick the Brain ...


Dec 11, 2011 ... Perhaps you're struggling with a particular decision – like a choice of career paths, or the opportunity to take an important qualification. It can be ...

What is the importance of spending time with myself? - Emotional ...


Taking care of - and making time for - yourself is imperative; having your own needs met first means that you can then be there for everyone else.

The Importance of Taking Time for Yourself to Try Something New


Finding goal-life balance is equally, if not more important than finding work-life balance: you need to take some time to re-energize and reset in order to create ...

Why You Should Schedule Some 'Me Time' Every Day


Jun 25, 2014 ... Taking some time to yourself each day can support your mental ... that are important to us, such as our family, our friends, our gym time, our ...

8 Ways to Put Yourself on Your Priority List | SparkPeople


"Me" time allows us to de-stress, unwind and rejuvenate. Taking time for yourself allows you to renew, heal, and create reserves of energy and peace.

Me time: Taking time for yourself - BootsWebMD


Why is 'me time' important? Taking time for yourself has psychological and physical benefits. If you give yourself a break you'll feel refreshed and happier.

Increase Your Happiness by Making Time for Yourself | BlogHer


By not taking a little time out of each day for yourself, you might be less happy ... that your own happiness is important and practice happiness-boosting routines.

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Finding Time for "Me" Time - WebMD


WebMD talks with experts about how women can take time for themselves and why they should make the ... How to find the time for yourself and why it matters.

6 reasons why you need to take time for yourself - FamilyShare


... about your personality? But, in this hyper-connected internet age, it's especially important to take time for yourself once in a while - here are six reasons why: ...

15 Reasons Why You Should Spend More Time With Yourself


Mar 3, 2014 ... Loneliness is not something to aim for, but being alone doesn't necessarily mean being lonely.