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The Fourth Doctor is an incarnation of the Doctor, the protagonist of the BBC .... up on the planet Zeta Minor (Planet of Evil), located at the far edge of the known .... create three distinct coats...

Doctor Who: 50 things you didn't know - Telegraph


Sep 17, 2015 ... We present 50 Doctor Who facts you may not know. ... Such time-space synaesthetes, as they're known, can sometimes even perceive time as a ring encircling them. ... Moore's Dr Manhattan character [from Watchmen], wearing a long coat, .... the fourth Doctor visited Auckland in 1997 for another reason.

Doctor Who: Official BBC Fourth Doctor Scarf - BBC Shop


... this 13 foot long replica of the Fourth Doctor's (Tom Baker) scarf is for you. ... of neck-wear that is very reminiscent of Tom Baker's Season 12 Doctor Who scarf.

50 Best Easter Eggs in the DOCTOR WHO 50th Anniversary Special ...


Nov 27, 2013 ... He's even wearing an old style policeman's "Bobby" hat! ... UNIT maintains a secret vault of alien artifacts called "The Black Archive" It's first seen ... Osgood's scarf looks like the one worn by the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker).

Fourth Doctor - Wikiquote


The Fourth Doctor's catch phrase: Would you like a jelly baby? (Sometimes ..... I can create in their bodies all the torments and agonies ever known. [Davros .... [ Harry tries to unbuckle the strap the Doctor is wearing]: Lester: Harry, don't touch it!

15 Little-Known Facts About Classic Doctor Who | Tor.com


Nov 21, 2013 ... Did you know there was nearly a Doctor Who movie starring Tom Baker? ... the trolley, and when I found that wearing trousers made it because they rubbed ... the episode where the Third Doctor regenerates into the Fourth.

18 surprising facts you probably didn't know about Doctor Who, by ...


Jan 11, 2013 ... Doctor Who is rife with fascinating stories and intriguing facts about the cast, ... He called for a temporary return of Patrick Troughton, who played the ... cunning of Catholicism,' Tom Baker, who played the Fourth Doctor, was ... Baker liked the overly-long scarf, and went on to wear it for the show anyway.

Doctor Who Deluxe 12' Scarf | ThinkGeek


Doctor Who Deluxe 12' Scarf - Twelve feet of scarfy warfy. ... Use it to complete your Tom Baker costume for convention season or wear it as your regular ... This and the hat instantly turned my husband into the Fourth Dr. Thanks Think Geek!

Agent of S.T.Y.L.E. - The 1st Four DOCTOR WHOs | Newsarama.com


May 28, 2012 ... The Doctor came from a society of people known as Time Lords on the planet ... Actor Tom Baker, who played the fourth incarnation of the Doctor, .... And like his previous three incarnations, he would sometimes wear a ...

Agent of S.T.Y.L.E. - DOCTOR WHO 5-8's Questionable Fashion ...


Jun 13, 2012 ... As he lay dying, the Fourth Doctor assured us, “It's the end. ... final season, but the Fifth Doctor was unique for wearing a decorative vegetable. ... intelligent and thoughtful (the Tenth Doctor called them his “brainy-specs”).

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Fourth Doctor - Tardis Data Core, the Doctor Who Wiki


Jo Grant saw the Fourth Doctor long enough to describe him to the Third Doctor .... Upon arrival on Earth, the Doctor discovered that an alien race known as the .... Her wearing of a ring brought under the control of Eldrad, a Kastrian scientist.

The Doctor's scarf - Tardis Data Core, the Doctor Who Wiki


If this article wants to remain focused on the Fourth Doctor's scarf, then it should be called The Fourth Doctor's scarf. That or it should expand to include all ...

Doctor Who for Newbies: The Fourth Doctor | Nerdist


Oct 7, 2010 ... And this was as much of a glimpse of the Fourth Doctor as audiences in 1974 would get for six months until the series returned, but who was ...

How To Dress Like The Fourth Doctor | Anglophenia | BBC America


Jul 11, 2011 ... ... of Robot, where he is attempting to decide what kind of clothes he wants to wear. ... The Fourth Doctor keeps his things in his coat pocket.

In the Day of the Doctor, is the Curator (Tom Baker) the Doctor or just ...


Nov 23, 2013 ... Unless he wasn't playing as the 4th Doctor (which is unlikely as the 12th Doctor- Matt Smith- says he doesn't forget a face when he saw him) ...