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Polymorphism (biology)


Polymorphism in biology and zoology is the occurrence of two or more clearly different morphs ... The term genetic polymorphism is also used somewhat differently by ... is quite a broad term, in bio...

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They designed experiments to restore humanity to its genetically pure state. They called for ... and Tobias Eaton. That means they are still genetically damaged.

Basic Principles of Genetics: Glossary of Terms


the genetically inherited condition in which there is a marked deficiency of ... Usually, the term is used in reference to the crossing of two pure breeding ...

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Define genetic science. genetic science synonyms, genetic science pronunciation, ... genomics - the branch of genetics that studies organisms in terms of their ... This collection provides materials from the pure sciences, biotechnology, and ...

Mendel's Laws - Biology Questions and Answers


To say that gametes are pure means that they always carry only one allele of the specified trait. ... In other words, each trait is determined by two factors that separate during ... Mendel's Laws Review - Image Diversity: genetic family tree ...

Gene (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)


Oct 26, 2004 ... The concept of the gene, emerging out of a century of genetic research, ... This means that we will not simply relate established concepts of “the” gene .... of the twentieth century, after Bateson had coined the term genetics for the ... Johannsen's codification, which was based on microbiology's “pure culture”...

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In other words, when people who have the gene causing a specific genetic trait ... one female – the female dies, ensuring that there will never be a pure-bred ...

Inbreeding and Linebreeding


In genetic terminology, inbreeding is the breeding of two animals who are related to ... all pure breeding is by this definition inbreeding, although the term is not ...

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Jul 17, 2015 ... This similarity in genetic makeup between organisms that have such disparate ... It does not mean that heredity is actually transmitted through the red liquid in ... his progeny, or, to put it in modern terms, that the modifications wrought by the ... “ pure” but whose mothers had mated with males of other breeds.

Long-term evolution, short-term evolution, and population genetic ...


accruing to an individual of strategy x in a population with a mean strategy y. ... externally stable if, starting from any genetic equilibrium in , the long-term. process ..... But for a population game with two pure strategies if its dynamic satis es [10],.

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Many research strains of mice are "genetically pure" in this sense, and this is probably ... Most of DNA is what some would term "Junk", meaning it has almost no ...

Genetics 372, Definition of Course Terms


One cM is equal to 1% chance that a marker at one genetic locus will be ... Inbred line A group of identical pure-breeding diploid or polyploid organisms, ...

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Shmoop Biology glossary of Genetics terms and important concepts. ... That means Shmoop will be unavailable for use during that time. Thanks ... A genetic cross where an offspring is crossed with one of the parental strains, often the ... range, from 1 to 100, for instance, or from pure white, through many grays, to pitch black.