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Leprosy Treatment
WHO developed a multidrug therapy in 1995 to cure all types of leprosy. It is available free of charge worldwide (WHO, 2010). Additionally, several antibiotics are used to treat... More »
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This practice was used until at least 1790, when the use of dog blood ... Medieval depictions of leprosy commonly showed the patient to have red spots. ... Castration was also practiced in the Middle Ages.


Dec 27, 2011 ... Medieval physicians explained leprosy's unsightly symptoms by humoralism, ... In today's Western culture, leprosy exists more commonly as a literary ... However, the same cannot be said for the Medieval Ages, in which ...


Played 6,504 times. As of Aug ... 3. In Medieval times, what was commonly used as a cure for leprosy? ... 8. Why does a witch commonly appear with a black cat?


For example, in Europe during the Middle Ages, leprosy sufferers had to wear special clothing, ring bells to warn others that they were ... Modern History of Leprosy: a timeline of trials and treatments ... It was first identified and used at Carville.


May 27, 2013 ... When someone became ill in the middle ages who they went for ... Monks, especially Benedictine monks, commonly practiced medicine. ... Barber-surgeons used bloodletting to treat gangrene, insanity, leprosy, gout, cholera, ...


The rats were basically used as transport for the fleas who would not mind living ... No cure has been found for the Plague in the Middle Ages, although on occasion, the ... Leprosy bacteria probably spread from person to person as readily as ...


At one time “lepers,” as those with the disease were long called, were ostracized as .... This is most commonly seen in the forearm or lower leg, and it leads to claw hand ... to those found in skeletons of lepers in Europe dating to the Middle Ages. .... had been used to treat leprosy and other skin conditions in India and China.


Internally, it was used to treat fever and digestion and respiratory ailments. ... physicians recommended garlic for infections, wounds, cancer, leprosy, heart problems, colds ... In the middle ages the upper class shunned the use of garlic, but the ...


May 2, 2012 ... Treating leprosy ... Leprosy, now commonly known as Hansen's Disease, is a devastating ... In the Middle Ages, however, its appearance often provoked ... ' Leper' is still a word that is used pejoratively in common parlance, ...