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The Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics were created in 1992 by the Computer Ethics ... has used the commandments as a foundation for its own ethics rules. ... software can be used in ways that disturb other users or disrupt their work.


List of 10 Commandments Kazuhiro Soda follows when making observational documentaries.


2401 The seventh commandment forbids unjustly taking or keeping the goods ... There is no theft if consent can be presumed or if refusal is contrary to reason and .... He should seek to observe regulations issued by legitimate authority for the sake .... do not refuse him who would borrow from you"; "you received without pay , ...


2200 Observing the fourth commandment brings its reward: "Honor your father ..... their criteria and goal in themselves or to borrow them from some ideology.


I don't like to borrow trouble, but apparently I'll borrow just about anything else. ... As with anything else, there are bound to be certain risks involved. ... I believe that following a few simple rules and guidelines is the best approach, and toward  ...


These are the commands, laws, and rules the LORD your God commanded me .... this is often observed, to imprint upon their minds a sense of their duty, even of ... a reference was made to a superstitious custom borrowed from the Egyptians,  ...


(Here is a link to an alternative list of His commandments, very nicely done, ... list of all the Commandments which Jesus taught His disciples to observe, .... Testament, there are hundreds of "commandments," covering all parts of life. .... " Give to him that asketh thee, and from him that would borrow of thee turn not thou away.


Jewish tradition teaches that there are 613 commandments ... The order is my own, as are the explanations of how some rules are derived from some biblical passages. ... For commandments that can be observed today, I have also provided ..... Not to take part in any usurious transaction between borrower and lender, ...


The Talmud tells us that there are 613 commandments in the Torah; 248 Positive ... Not to pressure or claim from the borrower--Deuteronomy 15:2. 287. Not to .... The Sanhedrin must bring an offering when it rules in error--Leviticus 4:13 ... Observe the laws of impurity caused by a woman's running issue--Leviticus 15:25 .