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Historical fiction is a literary genre in which the plot takes place in a setting located in the past. ..... In addition to vivid fictional portrayals of Theseus, Socrates , Plato and Alexander the ... The main characters find themselves subject to the increasing strictures and ..... For this reason, it is often treated as a subset of tragedy.


The Red Badge of Courage is a war novel by American author Stephen Crane ( 1871–1900). ... He began writing what would become his second novel in 1894, using various ... The title of Crane's original, 55,000-word manuscript was " Private Fleming/His .... The Red Badge of Courage is notable in its vivid descriptions and ...


create a mental image.


This is the repetition of initial consonant sounds at the beginnings of words. ... This is the person or force that creates conflict for the main character in a .... This is the structure into which a piece of literature, such as a poem, .... an author creates a BALANCED sentence by re-using the same word structure. ..... Vivid Language.


In Poetry And Fiction, The Main Reason For Using Vivid Words Is What? Poetry. Writers use vivid words to make their creation colorful. Sometimes when it is ...


Alliteration: The repetition of the same sound in successive words, usually, but not necessarily, ... Argumentation: Writing or speaking in which reasons or arguments are ... Central idea: The main point of a piece of writing, often stated in a thesis ... a colorful picture of a person, place, thing, or idea using vivid sensory details.


Yet the idea persists that the use of swear words by writers is fundamentally ... In crime fiction, foul language is justified on the ground that it is lifelike. ... some people would have difficulty reading past it, for moral or cultural or religious reasons. ... Ever noticed how a film always begins with the main protagonist shouting a ...


Mar 2, 2012 ... Money is like poetry because both involve learning to communicate in a ... The Moneychangers had a particularly vivid scene featuring a bank run, ... The second reason for money's absence from fiction is to do with the speed of change . ... My two main reasons for doing that were, first, because it was ...


Aug 17, 2015 ... ... the author's reason for writing (an epithalamion is a poem composed for marriage) (Mickics 132-3). Imagery: A term used to describe an author's use of vivid ... Authors convey tone through a combination of word-choice, imagery, ... A narrative perspective that typically addresses that audience using “you.


Mar 9, 2017 ... This subtle and purposeful turn using "we" and including himself as a survivor ... This short vivid line stands out between longer lines of extended metaphor as ... According to Cohen, the reason why metaphor remains such an .... decided that Black Woman was going to be the main character of this poem, ...