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Photometry and Imaging of the Coma with Narrowband Filters


comet and sky in each filter, as compared to the time re- ... haps the most important changes in CCD detectors in re- ... A'Hearn et al., 1979; A'Hearn and Millis,.

Bankruptcy Cases, Dockets and Filings in the Northern District of ...


Cause Of Action: Notice of Appeal re Bankruptcy Matter (BA ... Primebank et al We have downloadable decisions or orders for this case ... In Re: A'Hearn, et al.

i A&A, v335, pL46, y1998


Sep 10, 2015 ... orescence efficiencies applied by A'Hearn et al. (1995) (taking .... Meech et al., 1997). Furthermore, comet 46P/Wirtanen was previously re-.

Condensed O2 on Europa and Callisto John R. Spencer


well as SO2 on the trailing side of Europa (Lane et al. 1981, Noll et ... H, C-N, and C-H features on Callisto and Ganymede (McCord et al. 1998) ... a solar spectrum (A'Hearn et al. .... Calvin, W. M., R. E. Johnson, and J. R. Spencer 1996. O2 on ...

Spitzer Space Telescope Observations of the Nucleus of ... - arXiv


Jun 22, 2009 ... comet 9P/Tempel 1 on UT 2005 July 04 (A'Hearn et al. ... flyby spacecraft was re- targeted towards comet 103P/Hartley 2 via a close Earth flyby ...

Observations of molecules in comets - Division of Geological and ...


matter (A'Hearn et al. 2005); it may also have provided new insights in the chemical composition: beside known species, Spitzer IR observations (Lisse et al .

Vaporization of Ices Containing Sg—lmplications for Comets - Nasa


residue. We conclude that similar vaporization from a cometary nucleus would not re- ... A'Hearn et al. (1983) ... ined by A'Hearn and Feldman (1984) is the.

1995 O1 - Department of Physics

physics.csusb.edu/~slederer/sled HB jets.pdf

been reported in Comet Halley by several authors (A'Hearn et al., 1986a,b; Cos- .... The continuum (dust) images show varying jet structure, but it is generally re-.

Deep Impact: Excavating Comet Tempel 1


Oct 14, 2005 ... M. F. A'Hearn,1* M. j. S. Belton,2 W. A. .... Overall, the surface of Tempel l is re- markably ...... D. E. Brownlee et al., Science 304, 1764 (2004).

CPO Researcher Bios - University of Maryland: Department of ...


Sada, P.V., Deming, D., et al., Recent Transits of the Super-Earth Exoplanet .... Farnham, T.L., Feaga, L.M., Groussin, O., Merlin, F., Milliken, R.E., A'Hearn, M.F.,.

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