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sented by A'Hearn et al. (2005), and by ... the overhangs seen on Wild 2 by the Stardust mission re- ... (Thomas et al., 2007), this yields a bulk density for the nu-.

Photometry and Imaging of the Coma with Narrowband Filters


comet and sky in each filter, as compared to the time re- ... haps the most important changes in CCD detectors in re- ... A'Hearn et al., 1979; A'Hearn and Millis,.

Observational Constraints on Surface Characteristics of Comet Nuclei


nations of the albedos, re ectances, and thermal inertias of comet nuclei. There is ... Rigaux and Tempel 2 (Campins et al. 1987, Millis et al. 1988, A'Hearn et al.



Alan M. Gersch and Michael F. A'Hearn 2014 ApJ 787 36 ... Get permission to re- use this article ... A'Hearn, M. F., Belton, M. J. S., & Delamere, W. A. et al. 2011 ...

Oxygen emission lines in the high resolution spectra of 9P/Tempel 1 ...


ing and after the event (A'Hearn et al. .... A series of outbursts were detected (A' Hearn et al. ..... the low activity of comet during the observation, which even re-.

Vol. 583 (November 2015) - Astronomy & Astrophysics (A&A)


Nov 2, 2015 ... ... spatially coupled version of SPINOR inversion code (Tiwari, S. K., et al., 583, .... Paul D. Feldman, Michael F. A'Hearn, Jean-Loup Bertaux, Lori M. Feaga, ...... Hoi -Fung Yu, Hendrik J. van Eerten, Jochen Greiner, Re'em Sari, ...

Comet Bowell 1980b - ADS


Title: Comet Bowell 1980b. Authors: Ahearn, M. F.; Schleicher, D. G.; Millis, R. L.; Feldman, P. D.; Thompson, D. T.. Affiliation: AA(Johns Hopkins University, ...

Spectral evolution of Rosetta target comet 46P/Wirtanen - ADS


It is given in Afp, a quantity introduced by A' Hearn et al. (1984) and now ... (Our re-calculation with the model parameters used in this paper confirm this result.) ...

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You're seeing our new article page and we'd like your opinion, send feedback return to old ... Authors. Michael F. A'Hearn, ... Cite this article as: A'Hearn, M et al.

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the nucleus radii are rn ≤ re and we cannot determine which, if any, of the components in ... The cyanide radical (CN) band-head at 3888Å (e.g. A'Hearn et al.

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May 2, 2016 ... Hearn Pacific Corporation, et al., Sonoma County. Superior Court .... assignment agreement and authenticated it as an agreement Stankowski, a Hearn board member ... Nothing in Myers' reasoning precludes a party from re-.

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(A'Hearn!et!al.!1995;!Mumma!&!Charnley!2011;!A'Hearn! et!al.!2012).!It!is!unclear !however!which!properties!of!comets!are!primordial!and!which!are!

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been reported in Comet Halley by several authors (A'Hearn et al., 1986a,b; Cos- .... The continuum (dust) images show varying jet structure, but it is generally re-.