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n which one of the following sentences does the verb agree with the ...

www.jiskha.com/search/index.cgi?query=n which one of the following sentences does the verb agree with the subject?

Which of the following sentences does illustrate subject verb agreement? I think it's this one, but I'm not sure. Tricia, as well as all her colleagues, are being ...

can anyone tell me if these questions & answers are correct ...


In which one of the following sentences does the verb agree with the subject? A. The book that explains the plays is on the shelf. B. There is a ...

Chapter 10 - Verb and Subject Agreement


One of the biggest problems in trying to make a subject and verb agree is the ... In which of the following sentences does the verb agree with its subject? Stern ...

Subject-Verb Agreement


What is the correct form of the verb in the sentence "He is one of the professors that _____ too much"? A. talks ... Which of the following sentences contains a verb agreement error? A. These are ... C. Does each of you have their book? D. all of ...

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The subject-verb pair guarantees that the sentence means something. ... The following sections explore the most frequent areas of confusion. ... whether a collective noun is plural or singular in your sentence, you can do one of two things:.

Some of the sentences below have subject-verb agreement errors


Circle the subject in each of the following sentences. ... Exercise 1 is not difficult, but subject/verb agreement isn't always so easy. ... words. The question to ask yourself is, “Am I talking about one or more than one? ... Therefore, the verb does.

15 Sentences Using Compound Subjects and Compound Verbs


The subject of a sentence is generally defined as the noun or pronoun ... information about the action taken than a common verb that only shows one ... The following 15 sentences use compound subjects: ... English speakers do just about everything they can to shorten, tighten and ... Examples of Subject Verb Agreement ...

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Nov 21, 2012 ... Home > Understanding subject verb agreement ... What are the subjects in the following sentences? Do the subjects and verbs agree? I'll provide the answers ... e) More than one in five Britons is now classed as obese.

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Watch the subject-verb agreement in your sentences when. ... When one subject is singular and one plural; When a linking verb is used; When a ... Do not be confused by prepositional phrases which come between a subject and its verb.

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Proper sentences must have subject-verb agreement. Subject-verb ... To make sure you use the correct verb form with the subject, use the following steps: ... ( The subject is one person who is both the new president and CEO.) ... The relative pronouns who, which and that do not have different singular and plural forms.