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Mar 1, 2011 ... Many did not return to be housekeepers after the war, and some were ... Ironically , the America that went into World War II, licking its wounds from years of ... following him into an invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan after 9/11.

In what ways did American society change after World War 2


In what ways did American society change after World War 2? In what .... What is one way that life changed for many black Americans following World War 2?

World War II Aftermath: A Changed America - Post-war Years


Apr 30, 2007 ... World War II changed peoples lives in a myriad of ways. ... developing civil rights movement as did the reaction to NAZI racism. ... Adding to the diversity of American society were the war brides arriving after the War. ... The most important impact of the war for most Americans was changes in the economy.

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World War II produced important changes in American life--some trivial, others profound. ... shorter and vests and cuffs disappeared, as did double-breasted suits, pleats, and ruffles. ... The need for farm workers rose dramatically after Pearl Harbor. ... Anglo society feared and resented newly formed Mexican American youth ...

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There were many effects on American society after the war, between and whites, women ... Overall, the WWII made a number of significant changes on American ...

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Jul 18, 2015 ... Even as World War II was ending 70 years ago, Americans already knew it had transformed their country. ... Not just postwar America — the Baby Boom, the Cold War, the Affluent Society, the ... •A young, black Army lieutenant was court- martialed in 1944 after ... Later she would change it to Marilyn Monroe.

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... World War II caused vast changes in virtually every aspect of American life. ... When World War II ended, the United States was in better economic ... Building on the economic base left after the war, American society became ... In the twenty years following 1945, there was a broad political consensus ... All ways to connect ....

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Women roles began to change rapidly because of the war. ... positive and negative changes in all facets of society. ... Women who served in the military during World War I did ... Two groups of American women also served on the ... The United States entered the World War II after the ...

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World War II was a cataclysmic event for Americans at home and fighting abroad. The war affected the entire population, yet in many different ways. ... This module explores how the unprecedented changes brought about by World War II affected ... on the nature of their participation in American society during and after the war.

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But even after due allowance has been made for the effects of the American stock ... It did not entirely lift until the next world war, more than twenty years later. .... How did the Americans manage to fight a war so different from the war that so ... Among his books are Over Here: The First World War and American Society ( 1980) ...