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In law, cross-examination is the interrogation of a witness called by one's opponent. ... For the policy debate concept, see Structure of policy debate. ... Types of evidence ... A witness called by the direct examiner, on the other hand, may only be treated ... There is a measure of drama that cross-examination adds to any trial ...


In all forms of policy debate, the order of speeches is as follows: 1. First Affirmative Constructive (1AC). a. Cross-examination of First Affirmative by Second Negative ... It is the first part of the negative block and thus will only cover part of the 2AC. ... the 1AR to cover more arguments in their 5 minutes (6 minutes in college).


cross-examination. ... Did Obama and McCain only have one debate? ... A cross examination type of debate is? ... Is direct examinations included in a debate?


Sep 5, 2000 ... In many debate formats, there is a requirement that a policy resolution ... go " inside-outside" so that one person (usually the weaker member) gives ... When team policy debate is done without cross-examination periods, ... I never did this kind of debate, so I will keep my description short: NDT is just like the ...


Taken from Breaking Down Barriers: How to Debate (2000 Edition) ... Ask questions to get your opponents to admit their case has weaknesses. EXAMPLE: Q: “Your case ... R: “Right.” Q: “And your study that shows sex education works comes from one city.” ... DO ASK: “Did you show there are only a few homeless people?”.


Exams only test you on one or two pieces of work, which is bad. ... The only thing i would like to abolish that there is no need of higher education (PG,PhD) for ...


Different styles of debate offer their own distinct format and focus. ... These debates will have one debater representing the "affirmative" and another debater  ...


Jun 17, 2015 ... There are simple reasons for this, apart from the failure of ... Others just think differently to the straitjacket dictated by 'one size fits all' ... We might well ask, are our schools guilty of promoting a passive form of intelligence, ...


If there are discrepancies between one's examination and one's school work, then ... debates are useless as a measure of your academic performance if you just .... ways of testing our knowledge that do not invole some kind of examination ?