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The AD–AS or aggregate demand–aggregate supply model is a macroeconomic model that .... The classical aggregate supply curve comprises a short-run aggregate supply curve and a vertical ....

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In the extended analysis of aggregate supply, the short-run aggregate supply curve is: A. vertical and the long-run aggregate supply curve is horizontal.

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The extended model is then used to glean new insights on demand-pull and ... Short-run aggregate supply curve AS1, is constructed with three assumptions.

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Summary and Analysis ... Notice that we begin at point A where short-run aggregate supply curve 1 meets the long-run aggregate supply curve and aggregate ...

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However, the macroeconomic analysis of aggregate supply is concerned with ... To see how lower wages affect the short-run aggregate supply curve, click the ... Alternatively, the economy could be in the middle of an extended expansion that  ...

Extending the Analysis of Aggregate Supply


Explain the relationship between short-run aggregate supply and long-run ... Discuss how to apply the "extended" (short-run/long-run) AD-AS model to ... Explain the short-run trade-off between inflation and unemployment (the Phillips Curve).

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Justifications for the aggregate supply curve to be upward sloping in the short-run .

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Because of this firms expect that they will benefit - at least in the short run - from a ... This allows economists to be more flexible in their analysis of a modern economy. ... The long run aggregate supply curve (LRAS) is shown as a vertical curve, ...

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The long-run aggregate supply curve is perfectly vertical; changes in aggregate demand only cause a ... In the short run, the nominal wage rate is taken as fixed.

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Macroeconomic equilibrium in the short run is established when aggregate demand intersects with ... with lower input costs causes the short run aggregate supply curve to shift outwards. ... Extended Aggregate Demand and Supply Analysis.

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D) very long run. Answer: A Type: D Topic: 1 E: 293 MA: 293 3. In the extended analysis of aggregate supply, the short-run aggregate supply curve is: A) vertical  ...



Extending the Analysis of Aggregate Supply ... Explain the difference between the short-run and long-run aggregate supply curves ... inflation using the extended aggregate demand-aggregate supply model. 3. Explain and construct a traditional short-run Phillips Curve using the aggregate demand-aggregate supply model.

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upsloping short-run aggregate supply curve raises both the price level ... Our goals in this chapter are to extend the analysis of aggregate supply to the long run, examine .... with “extended” referring to the inclusion of both the short- run and the ...