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The AD–AS or aggregate demand–aggregate supply model is a .... The classical aggregate supply curve comprises a short-run aggregate supply curve .... In addition if the time frame of ana...

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Summary and Analysis ... Notice that we begin at point A where short-run aggregate supply curve 1 meets the long-run aggregate supply curve and aggregate ...

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How does the Phillips Curve relate to the Aggregate Supply curve? 4. ... How is it different from the short-run Phillips. Curve? What is the long-run Aggregate Supply Curve? ... His data extended back nearly 100 years. ...... let us go through the same analysis assuming that the Fed has decided to decrease the money supply.

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This focus on long-run growth rather than the short- run fluctuations in the business ... A vertical long-run AS curve means that the level of aggregate supply (or .... they have no incentive to go through an extended series of short-run scenarios, ...

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However, the macroeconomic analysis of aggregate supply is concerned with ... The key question is: What happens to the short-run aggregate supply curve if ... Alternatively, the economy could be in the middle of an extended expansion that  ...


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Extending the Analysis of Aggregate Supply ... Explain the difference between the short-run and long-run aggregate supply curves ... inflation using the extended aggregate demand-aggregate supply model. 3. Explain and construct a traditional short-run Phillips Curve using the aggregate demand-aggregate supply model.

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Extending the Analysis of Aggregate Supply ... Relationship between short-run and long-run aggregate supply; Applying the “extended” AD-AS model; The Phillips curve; No long-run tradeoff between inflation and unemployment; Taxes and ...

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Law of Supply / The Supply Curve / Determinants of Supply / Changes in Supply ... CHAPTER 3Web: Applications and Extensions of Supply and Demand Analysis .... Aggregate Supply in the Short Run / Determinants of Aggregate Supply ... Supply / Long-Run Aggregate Supply / Equilibrium in the Extended AD- AS Model

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Jan 25, 2007 ... The long-run aggregate supply curve is verticle: ... In the extended analysis of aggregate supply, the short-run aggregate sup;;y curve is: ...

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Extending the Analysis of Aggregate Supply ... High demand for inputs; Input prices rise; Short run aggregate supply shifts left; Return to potential output.

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Q: In the extended analysis of aggregate supply, the short-run aggre...
A: upward sloping and the long-run aggregate supply curve is vertical. Read More »
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In the extended analysis of aggregate supply, the long-run aggregate supply curve is: A) vertical and the short-run aggregate supply curve is horizontal.

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Justifications for the aggregate supply curve to be upward sloping in the ... we have to assume an upward sloping; aggregate supply curve in the short run. ...... in production is the result of poor market analysis (think Misperceptions Theory).

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also crosses the short-run aggregate supply curve. 2. The extended AD-AS model can be applied to explain conditions of inflation and recession in an economy.

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The extended model is then used to glean new insights on demand-pull and ... Short-run aggregate supply curve AS1, is constructed with three assumptions.