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Income Smoothing
The use of accounting techniques to level out net income fluctuations from one period to the next. Companies indulge in this practice because investors are generally willing to pay a premium for stocks with steady and predictable earnings streams, co... More »

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Examples of income smoothing techniques include deferring revenue during a good year if the following year is expected to be a challenging one, or delaying ...

What is income smoothing? | AccountingCoach


Income smoothing can range from good business methods to fraudulent ... These examples will smooth income by causing huge expenses when profits are ...

Does Income Smoothing Improve Earnings Informativeness?


In this paper we use a new approach to investigate whether income smoothing garbles accounting earnings information or improves the informativeness of firms'  ...

An Explanation for Accounting Income Smoothing - JStor


attempting to document whether or not income smoothing actually occurs, there has ... the analysis of the effect of income smoothing on stock prices. It is shown ...

A Relationship between Income Smoothing Practices and Firms ...


This paper examines the relationship between income smoothing practices and firms value in Iran. This research also studies the effect of the firms' size on the ...

Effects of income smoothing practices on the conservatism of public ...


The aim of this study was to investigate two aspects of accounting information that may be inherently related: income smoothing practices and conditional ...

Is income smoothing ethical? - ResearchGate


Income smoothing is pure dishonesty. Accounting is based on rules, conventions, and judgments. One of the most important is the consistency convention.

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Aflatooni A., Nikbakht Z. - Income Smoothing, Real Earnings Management and ... Using the Tucker-Zarowin (TZ) statistic of income smoothing, we find firms with ...

The Income Smoothing Hypothesis Revisited - Wiley Online Library


The purpose of this paper is to review earlier studies of income smoothing, and to ... The identification of income smoothing behaviour poses no trivial task for the.

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Q: What is Income Smoothing?
A: Form of income management that reflects economic results, not as they are, but rather as management wishes them to look. This results in lower earnings quality ... Read More »
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A: It's a way of management manipulating the results by spreading income and or cost over several periods (a period can be a month, quarter or year). This is not a... Read More »
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Q: Define income smoothing and explain how it is implemented.?
A: My understanding of "income smoothing" is that companies deliberately time their income and expenses in a way that allows them to match the analysts' expected e... Read More »
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Q: Do international investment income flows smooth income?
A: We explore some empirical properties of gross international investment positions. In order to provide income-smoothing, net investment income should negatively ... Read More »
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Q: Elderly father owns company. Looking for (somewhat) smooth transi...
A: There are a few options you might consider. One possibility is to simply pay your father as a "consultant." The $1,500 would be subject to income tax and payrol... Read More »
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