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This clauses worksheet directs the student to underline the clause once and independent clause twice in each sentence.


This is the clauses worksheets section. A Clause is a group of words that contains a verb and its subject. There are two kinds of clauses, independent and  ...


There are also dependent clauses, which do not express a complete thought and are not sentences. You may view each of the worksheets below by clicking on ...


Clause Worksheets Clauses are difficult for most students. An independent clause is a complete worked out thought. Subordinate clauses simply don't express a ...


use the answer key to check your answers. Decide if the clauses below are dependent or independent. 1. When the temperatures drop below freezing.


View Answers. Clauses Lesson – Slide show lesson teaching students independent and dependent clauses and phrases. It includes a practice assessment after ...


Independent and Dependent Clause Worksheets. Related ELA ... Answer Keys Here ... Identifying the Independent Clause – Some don't work out here.


Clauses Worksheet #1. Directions: Identify the italicized clauses as independent or dependent in the blank ...... Whoever gets to the door first must answer it. 2.


After each sentence select the option that best describes the use of clauses in that sentence. A response indicating whether your answer is correct or not will ...