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Indo-Pacific Humpbacked Dolphin
Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia
Order: Cetacea Family: Delphinidae Genus: Sousa
Species: Sousa chinensis
Indo-Pacific humpbacked dolphins range from 220 to 230 cm in length, females may be slightly smaller. They can be characterized by a sloping "forehead" and a double-step dorsal fin characterized by a smaller fin that sits on an... More »
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Indo-Pacific humpbacked dolphin


The Indo-Pacific humpbacked dolphin (Sousa chinensis) is a species of humpback dolphin that is found in coastal waters ranging from southern Africa in the ...

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Learn more about the Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin - with amazing Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin videos, photos and facts on ARKive.

Indo-Pacific Hump-Backed Dolphins, Sousa chinensis ~ MarineBio.org


Find out what's known about Indo-Pacific Hump-Backed Dolphins, Sousa chinensis, Mammalia, Cetacea, Delphinidae, including their world range and habitats, ...

Sousa sahulensis — Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin


Indo-Pacific humpback and Australian snubfin dolphins - A Vulnerability Assessment for the Great Barrier Reef (Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority ...

Sousa chinensis (Chinese White Dolphin, Indo-pacific Humpback ...


Some biologists consider Humpback Dolphins in the Indo-Pacific to consist of two species: S. plumbea in the western Indian Ocean, from South Africa to at least ...

ADW: Sousa chinensis: INFORMATION


Indo-Pacific humpbacked dolphins, Sousa chinensis, are found the Indian and Pacific Ocean, from the coast of Africa to the coast of China and Australia.

CMS: Sousa chinensis, Chinese white dolphin


English: Indo-Pacific-humpback dolphin, Chinese white dolphin. German: Chinesischer Weißer Delphin Spanish: Delfín blanco de China French: Dauphin blanc ...

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Apr 19, 2011 ... The Indo-Pacific humpacked dolphin (Sousa chinensis), a marine mammal, is a member of the family of oceanic dolphins within the order of ...

Australian Humpback Dolphins


Some scientific information about the Indo Pacific Humback Dolphin, its habitat, ... The Australian Humpback Dolphin as of the 1st August 2014 was recognized ...

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Q: Where do indo Pacific humpback dolphins live?
A: Found along the coasts of the Indian And western Pacific Oceans, from southern China and north Australia in the east, to South America in the west. Inhabits coa... Read More »
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Q: Why is the Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin Endangered?
A: beacause people hunt them. Read More »
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Q: Is the Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin being protected?
A: The Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin is classified under Taiwan’s Wildlife Conservation Act as receiving the highest level of legal protection. Sadly, however, the... Read More »
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Q: What is the weight range of an adult Indo-Pacific HumpbackDolphin...
A: lmao i guess you have a lot of hard homework to do. Il try to help if i can. Read More »
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Q: Will the proposed marina stop feeding of the Indo-Pacific Humpbac...
A: No, there is no intention to impact on the feeding of dolphins in the Snapper Creek Boat Harbour. The design of the proposed marina retains the areas where feed... Read More »
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