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Various oils and fats are used in lipsticks, such as olive oil, ... are in the lipstick by looking at the ingredient list because they are not ...


Feb 8, 2010 ... What you should know about your lipstick ingredients. ... Propylparaben is a frequently used cosmetics ingredient that can irritate skin and eyes ...


Nov 23, 2016 ... There are a number of interesting ingredients you might find in your makeup and perfumes ... The metals are used to give lipstick their pigment.


For years, rouge was used to color both the lips and the cheeks, depending on the ... The primary ingredients found in lipstick are wax, oil, alcohol, and pigment.


Be glad cow brain's no longer is an ingredient -- but it once was. ... The different types of waxes used in lipstick include beeswax, paraffin and carnauba wax.


The proportions and formulations are what give each lipstick its own properties. The way lipstick ingredients are mixed and how each is used can make for a ...


Over the last thousand years, lipstick manufacturing techniques advanced tenfold over the simple and ineffective recipes that were used in medieval Europe, ...


Sep 14, 2012 ... After reading this list of nasty stuff that's commonly used to make us feel prettier, ... ingredient in many products, including eye makeup, lipsticks, ...


Axiology Ingredients - check out our ingredient list! Our organic natural lipsticks are made of ingredients found in gardens and tropical islands.