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Oct 20, 2015 ... People who cough a lot generally tend to hesitate on the inhale, and the smoke gets all ... If your weed is no good, chances are it´s not smooth.


Most people don't receive a real lesson in how to correctly inhale – but we'll explain how hit a bong, vape, or smoke without coughing regardless of preference.


However, not only does how you breathe affect how you feel, it also plays a critical role in inhaling smoke properly. No one likes choking and coughing every  ...


inhale as much smoke as you can, then inhale some fresh air on top of that, hold for .... Expell the smoke from your lungs without coughing.


I will let you know the best possible ways to avoid coughing when inhaling. ... use to smoke your herb will make a huge difference to whether or not you cough.


Coughs always signal that something's wrong – that excess mucous, stomach acid, smoke or even a medication (most commonly blood pressure drugs) has ...

Feb 23, 2012 ... You're not supposed to inhale like you're just breathing. .... I don't smoke tobacco but I just learned how to inhale and I did it right first try.


This will help avoid irritating your throat and triggering the cough reflex. Note that this is not like smoking a joint, where you inhale directly into your lungs.


If I try to inhale the smoke directly, it burns my throat, and I feel as .... on a direct inhale, but I can confirm it was smoke I coughed out and not ...