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4 Reasons Working Out Could Be Causing You to Gain Weight


Jul 21, 2014 ... If you've been working out and have noticed that the scale is creeping up, ... However, if you do happen to gain weight when starting a new ..... fruits and veggies that I had initially cut from my diet (ex sweet potatoes, bananas).

Why the Scale Goes Up When You Start a New Workout Plan ...


Jan 18, 2010 ... Probably the most common question I get when I release a new exercise program is, "Help! I'm gaining weight! Am I doing something wrong?

A Fitness Trainer Comes Clean About Exercise-Related Weight Gain


Oct 15, 2014 ... It's 1997. I'm 300 pounds. Every day I push my mom's coffee table out of the way, press Play on the VHS player, and sweat (buckets) to the ...

Working Out But Gaining Weight? Here's Why | COACH CALORIE


Records 6000 - 8000 ... The opposite is also true if you stop working out – you initially lose ... Stick with it, ignore the initial weight gain, and then be patient as it ...

Reasons for Weight Gain While Exercising - Verywell


Jun 20, 2016 ... If you're frustrated that you've started exercising, but seem to be gaining weight instead of losing it, don't panic. Learn the reasons why this ...

Why starting a new exercise program is going to INCREASE your ...


Jul 25, 2013 ... This can result in a 3-4 lb weight gain, which can be discouraging to ...... exercise because she freaks out when the scale goes up initially.

Why Did I Gain Weight In The Beginning Of My Workout Program?


Mar 22, 2012 ... Are you wondering why in the world you have gained weight after just starting a workout program? There is a good explanation for why this ...

Exercising but Gaining Weight - The New York Times


Nov 12, 2014 ... Exercise has innumerable health benefits, but losing weight may not be ... at the start, with the weight gain due mostly to extra fat, not muscle.

Why Am I Gaining Weight On a Diet and Execise Program?


Jan 11, 2014 ... Are you working out but gaining weight? It's more common than ... Going From a Sedentary Lifestyle Results in Initial Weight Gain. This is the ...

Initial Weight Gain With Exercise | Healthy Living - azcentral.com


At first, exercise can actually cause weight gain. ... One reason for this initial weight gain could be fluid retention, also known as bloating. According to Titchenal ...

Initial Weight Gain With Exercise
Committing to losing weight with exercise can be rewarding and also occasionally frustrating. The frustration starts when you exercise every day and your weight remains unchanged or increases. The reason for the weight gain or status quo probably isn't... More »
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I Just Started Exercising — Why Am I Gaining Weight?


Dec 21, 2015 ... If you start an exercise program your body will add a little weight initially as a natural response to the changes taking place. Don't worry, it won't ...

I'm Exercising More — So Why Am I Gaining Weight? - Daily Burn


Nov 3, 2015 ... If you're exercising to shed pounds, gaining weight might be enough to make you want to quit workouts for good. These six mistakes may be to ...

Gaining Weight When Starting an Exercise Program - Livestrong.com


Feb 5, 2014 ... Gaining Weight When Starting an Exercise Program An initial weight gain is normal when starting an exercise program. Photo Credit Bine Å ...