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May 9, 2015 ... It's not just police racism. It's about a culture of violence.


Jan 30, 2017 ... Violent crime increased in many of the nation's largest cities in 2016, the ... routinely portrays crime in the country's inner cities as out of control.


Oct 30, 2014 ... Inner-City Violence in the Age of Mass Incarceration. Harsh criminal-justice policies have thrown America's poorest urban communities into ...


Curbing violence in America's inner cities has long been a difficult challenge. A wide variety of tactics have been tried – ranging from enforcement focused on ...


Gun Violence: In the Inner City. Executive Summary. Over the last fifty years, crime in the United States has dramatically increased, with firearm homicides ...


Even in high-crime inner-city neighborhoods, well over 90 percent of children from safe, stable homes do not become delinquents. By contrast only 10 percent of ...


Jun 2, 2017 ... As many cities across the country actively seek solutions to stem violence, researchers from Emory University, New.


Nov 29, 2016 ... It is my hope we can find a way to make our inner cities less debilitated, less violent, and more peaceful.


Sep 3, 2016 ... Jesse Jackson talk about the reasons for the violence. ... Chicago's inner city has been treated unlike the rest of the city, and the results are ...


Jul 26, 2016 ... Violent crime is on the rise so far this year in major cities across the US compared to the number of homicides, rapes, robberies, assaults and ...